Rampage Hits Rock Bottom After $500K Loss on Hustler Casino Live

Rampage Hits Rock Bottom After $500K Loss on Hustler Casino Live

Anyone who has been following along with the ups and downs of popular poker vlogger (and WPT Global Ambassador) Ethan Rampage Yau knows that hes started 2024 on a bit of a downswing.After declaring 2023 the first losing year of his young career, hes already off to a rough start in 2024 and this pain continued on Hustler Casino Live on Friday night when Rampage took one of the largest, and toughest, losses of his young career.

Hit rock bottom last night. To constantly teeter the fine line between winning a house or financial ruin takes an emotional toll and it culminated into disaster last night, Yau posted on Instagram.

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According to HighRoller.com, ended the evening with a $483,300 loss on stream. Yau, who said he had a large percentage of himself, put the damage at just over $540,000. Of course, Hustler Casino Live clipped and shipped a pair of hands that highlighted the bulk of the damage done.

The first hand came in a battle against entrepreneur and recreational nosebleed player Brandon Steven where Yau made a river shove with the nut straight against Stevens rivered four-hi flush.

In this second hand, theres a full tables worth of straddles: $100/$200/$400/$800/$1,600/$3,200/$6,400 and when the action reached Yau at the $3,200 straddle he simply moved all-in holding the Rampage_Hits_Rock_Bottom_After__500K_Loss_on_Hustler_Casino_LiveRampage_Hits_Rock_Bottom_After__500K_Loss_on_Hustler_Casino_Live, in an effort to take down the $11,300 pre-flop pot.

This is a game Im good at, Yau said. This is what I like. No decisions.

However, for the final straddler, Raymond who had aRampage_Hits_Rock_Bottom_After__500K_Loss_on_Hustler_Casino_LiveRampage_Hits_Rock_Bottom_After__500K_Loss_on_Hustler_Casino_Live, there was a decision to be made. And after a few minutes of deliberation, he decided to put his $147K stack in the middle and the pair also decided to run it twice.

The $6,400 straddle is on!!

$100/200/400/800/1,600/3,200/6,400@rampagepoker shoves ALL IN & Raymond wants to gamble for $310,000

Rampage finished the show down nearly $500,000 tonight, his biggest loss on HCL pic.twitter.com/zZCu985zy7

— Hustler Casino Live (@HCLPokerShow) January 13, 2024

In the end, Raymond scooped the $310,000 pot, leaving Rampage to feel the sting of another six-figure pot going in the other direction.

Yau wrapped up his HCL results post with a simple message to those who have supported him: hell be back.

Im grateful for the opportunity I get to play at HCL for ridiculously large sums of money and a chance to entertain the poker audience on a regular basis. Hopefully, Ill be back soon, ready to fire again like Ive lways been.

The complete stream can be viewed right here:

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