How ChatGPT Nearly Predicted the 2023 WSOP $25K Heads Up Championship

How ChatGPT Nearly Predicted the 2023 WSOP $25K Heads Up Championship

Cyberspace transformed forever one year ago to the day, as ChatGPT rolled out on the World Wide Web. The product from OpenAI became "the fastest-growing consumer technology in history," and its influence in all spheres continues to show monumental growth.

While artificial intelligence is no stranger to the poker realm, as seen with poker bot Pluribus, the scope for poker content and ChatGPT remained largely untouched. Until PokerNews asked the tool to predict the outcome of the 2023 WSOP $25K Heads Up Championship.

Surprisingly, it didn't do too badly and chose three of the four semi-finalists correctly. So, on this anniversary, we're looking back at just how well ChatGPT fared in figuring out the final outcome.

Furthermore, we want to know how you would like to see it used in Poker or if you have any ideas of your own. Interact with our social media post at the end of the article to give your thoughts on the subject.

Round of 16

Just for clarity, PokerNews posed the question to ChatGPT when the final 16 players were determined. The original field size was 64, so this already saw the bot's chances of picking the winner go from 1.5625% to 6.25% at this stage. While that drastically increased the chances of ChatGPT "winning", there was still a long way to go.

From the Round of 16 brackets, ChatGPT accurately selected five of eight players who advanced to the next stage. Not too shabby for a first effort.

MatchChatGPT PredictionWinner
Daemon Richardson v Eric WassersonDaeman RichardsonEric Wasserson
Sean Winter v Kevin RabichowSean WinterSean Winter
Chanracy Khun v Gabor SzaboChanracy KhunChanracy Khun
Landon Tice v Chance KornuthChance KornuthLandon Tice
Roberto Perez v Isaac KemptonIsaac KemptonRoberto Perez
Doug Polk v Reiji KonoDoug PolkDoug Polk
Chris Brewer v Tyler GastonChris BrewerChris Brewer
Joshua Heinzl v Anthony ZinnoAnthony ZinnoAnthony Zinno

Chanracy Khun Wins Event #8: $25,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship

Quarter Finals

Obviously, with some incorrect choices, this skewed some of the match-ups that ChatGPT had to guess from. Despite this, it still guessed that Sean Winter, Doug Polk and Chris Brewer would make it to the final four, which they did.

The only outlier was Chanracy Khun, who ChatGPT expected to fall to Chance Kornuth in the previous round. Instead, the eventual winner of the tournament, Khun, overcame Landon Tice in the quarter-finals.

ChatGPT Predicted Match-UpsChatGPT PredictionActual BracketWinner
Daeman Richardson v Sean WinterSean WinterEric Wasserson v Sean WinterSean Winter
Chanracy Khun v Chance KornuthChance KornuthChanracy Khun v Landon TiceChanracy Khun
Isaac Kempton v Doug PolkDoug PolkRoberto Perez v Doug PolkDoug Polk
Chris Brewer v Anthony ZinnoChris BrewerPredicted CorrectlyChris Brewer


The first semi-final duel was predicted to involve Winter and Kornuth. However, Winter actually faced Khun in lieu of Kornuth. ChatGPT thought that Winter would be the one to make it to the final, but of course, Khun was the player to make it over the penultimate hurdle.

ChatGPT performed better for the other match-up and forecasted that this contest would be fought between Polk and Brewer. It prophesized that Polk would occupy the second seat for the finale and get that bang on the money.

However, a huge two-outer for Polk is what propelled the three-time bracelet winner to last stage, so we're saying ChatGPT had a bit of lady luck on its side for this one.

ChatGPT Predicted Match-UpsChatGPT PredictionActual BracketWinner
Sean Winter v Chance KornuthSean WinterSean Winter v Chanracy KhunChanracy Khun
Doug Polk v Chris BrewerDoug PolkPredicted CorrectlyDoug Polk

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Okay, so ChatGPT got half of the final two right, which we'll call a success. It now just needed to foretell who would be the player lifting up the bracelet above their head.

It believed that it would be Winter up against Polk in the final showdown when, in reality, it was Khun versus Polk.

Many expected Polk, a heads-up specialist, to capture his fourth piece of WSOP hardware, and ChatGPT agreed. As we know now, that wasn't quite the case, as Khun walked away as the victor.

ChatGPT Predicted Match-UpsChatGPT PredictionActual BracketWinner
Sean Winter v Doug PolkDoug PolkChanracy Khun v Doug PolkChanracy Khun

How Would You Like to See AI Used in Poker?

There's no shadow of a doubt that the future of poker content will have some AI elements. The possibilities that can come from it are probably endless, but how would you like to see it used?

One idea we came up with was a best-of-five series involving a poker bot and a famous poker player. Could you imagine something like Pluribus up against Phil Hellmuth in this setting akin to High Stakes Duel? Who would Hellmuth blow up at if there's no one actually sat across from him? We're sure he'd still find a way of short-circuiting his mainframe, and of course, it'd be box-office poker viewing.

Alternatively, could AI be used in the poker staking space? With festivals like the WSOP Paradise, WPT World Championships, and EPT Prague just around the corner, many poker players will be looking to sell action. AI could be used to find out which horse to back.

Let us know below where you see AI and poker having a closer relationship.


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