Inside Poker Player's $400k/Night Caesars Palace Suite During Las Vegas Grand Prix

Inside Poker Player's $400k/Night Caesars Palace Suite During Las Vegas Grand Prix

"Wes Side" Wesley Fei posted a video on X from inside his lavish Caesars Palace villa ahead of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, which he said cost $400,000 per night. PokerNews contacted the Hustler Casino Live regular and asked him if we could do an MTV Cribs style visit, to which he replied, "come on up."

The wealthy cryptocurrency investor who only began playing poker less than two years ago gambles heavily at Caesars, and other casinos. We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars or more on baccarat and other table games on the regular. During our visit to his 46th-floor mega-suite that has more rooms and televisions than we can count on one hand, he went downstairs to the high roller room for some absurd stakes baccarat, and some of the gamblers in his group came back up shortly after down a couple Ferraris.

Wesley said the room normally costs about $40,000, but his casino host informed him the value of a comped room during Formula 1 weekend was around $400,000 per night. The poker player and his group of friends didn't pay for that room at check-in. Instead, they paid for it through gambling.

Although there are no balconies at Caesars, the views overlooking the Bellagio fountains and the racetrack are stunning. Inside the villa, which appeared to be around 3,000 square feet or more, there are four bedrooms, a pool table room, massage chairs, private bar, full kitchen, and a spacious dining room (Wesley's personal butler was kind enough to serve us a delicious Asian feast).

Welcome To Wesley's Crib

When PokerNews arrived at Caesars Palace around 10 p.m., Wesley was at the high-stakes baccarat tables. By the time PokerNews made it over there, Wesley had gone back to the Augustus Villa and said to meet him at the bottom of the tower elevator.

The young crypto investor arrived in the lobby in a black Stussy hoodie and ushered the PokerNews crew into the elevator that went straight to the 46th floor.

"It's a special elevator," he said as he pointed to the designated elevator security guard. "Only she can do it."

The elevator doors opened to reveal a third of the Roman-themed hotel floor dedicated to Wesley's entourage, who were hanging out in the villa's living room equipped with an in-wall aquarium, grand piano, pool table, flat-screen TV and two luxury tan couches.

While everyone else went downstairs for more baccarat, Wesley gave PokerNews a tour around each abstract art-decorated corner and through each fern-green hallway of the extensive suite.

He entered one of many bedrooms and ushered to the window overlooking the Bellagio fountain and brightly lit Grand Prix straightaway on Las Vegas Boulevard. You can see the views. The further you go there, the better the view.

Wesley walked to another bedroom that he had claimed for himself. "The room over there has the best view. I took this room.

After the tour, Wesley called for Dennis, his traveling butler, to change the channel on the living room TV so he could watch the FP2 scheduled to take place at midnight. When he learned the practice had been pushed back to 2 a.m., he opted to head back downstairs to the high-stakes baccarat tables that allowed him to enjoy such a luxury suite.

The first Grand Prix in Las Vegas since the early 1980s will air on ESPN at 10 p.m. PT Saturday night for those who don't have a ticket to the race. Max Verstappen, who trashed the organizers for turning the race into more "show" than "sport," is the heavy favorite.

Take a Tour Around Las Vegas for the F1 Race


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