TigerGaming Has Mystery Bounty Tournaments, But With a Difference

TigerGaming Has Mystery Bounty Tournaments, But With a Difference

Mystery bounty tournaments are all the rage right now thanks to the unique twist they add to traditional bounty and progressive bounty events. Mystery bounty tournaments have landed at TigerGaming, but they are completely different to any other online poker site's offering, as you are about to find out.

Traditionally, mystery bounty tournaments are played as multi-table tournaments, and those secret bounties come into play at a predetermined blind level or when a specific number of entrants remain. At TigerGaming, mystery bounty tournaments are currently only offered in a sit-and-go format, which is the first way these games stand out from the crowd.

The mystery bounties themselves are another way TigerGaming sets its stall out. If you play a typical mystery bounty tournament online or in the live poker arena, half of the prize pool is paid out to a regular payout structure, with the remaining 50 percent squirreled away for the mystery bounties.

However, in TigerGaming Mystery Bounty SNG, a fraction of your buy-in goes into the ever-growing mystery bounty pool, and you win a slice of the pot for each opponent you eliminate.

Each time you bust a foe, you will win between 0.1% and 19% of the mystery bounty pool, leading to potentially huge prizes if your luck is in when the mystery bounty pool is swollen. The table below shows the current potential payouts and probabilities at TigerGaming.

Percentage of the bounty poolProbability

Using the current payouts, if the mystery bounty prize pool weighed in at $5,000, the least you would win from a mystery bounty would be $5, but you could pad your bankroll with as much as $950!

New Customers Can Claim a $1,000 Welcome Bonus

Those reading this article who do not already have a TigerGaming account are urged to change that fact and join the fun at one of the softest online poker sites out there. Download TigerGaming via PokerNews, make a deposit of at least $50, and you will see a 100% up to $1,000 bonus land in your account once you have requested it via the site's customer support team.

Send an email to TigerGaming's excellent customer support team via [email protected] stating your account number and name, deposit amount, and the time you made your deposit while mentioning the welcome bonus code "NEWTG" within 24 hours of depositing. Your bonus will activate within 24 hours.

You then have 30 days to release as much of the bonus as possible, with the bonus trickling into your playable account balance in $5 chunks each time you generate $50 worth of cash game rake or tournament fees.

Once you have a TigerGaming account, you can enjoy the plentiful cash games and tournaments, attempt to trigger the Bad Beat Jackpot, try your luck in the Windfall jackpot sit & go tournaments, and become eligible for all future TigerGaming reload bonuses and promotions.


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