fjreis Wins 888poker KO Games Mystery Bounty Main Event ($11,330)

fjreis Wins 888poker KO Games Mystery Bounty Main Event ($11,330)

After two hours of play at the final table of Event #29: $25 Main Event Mystery Bounty at the KO Games hosted by 888poker, "fjreis" emerged victorious, defeating start of day chip leader "and_ortega" in heads-up play to secure the title and $11,330 in total payouts from the $200,000 total prize pool.

"AELlike_it_3" took the last podium position in third while "Bkira", who had one of the larger stacks for much of the day, saw their hot streak come to an end earlier than they hoped, condemning them to a fourth-place finish.

Event #29: $25 Main Event Mystery Bounty Final Table Results

PlacePlayerCountryPrize (Including bounties)
6"Kvick88"United Kingdom$2,359

Mystery Bounty Element

The biggest winner of the tournament, "BLRRF", was not even present at the final table but rather fell in 49th place. Still, they managed to pull the top $20,000 bounty before exiting to ensure they left the tournament with the biggest return on their investment. "zendayushka" (79th place) and "sibata.san" (338th place) drew the two $6,000 bounties to claim a sizable portion of the total prizepool, especially when considering where they finished.

Money Bubble

The money bubble burst not long after the start of Day 2 when "ef1M95" was eliminated in 761st place, guaranteeing the remaining players at least $50. Not too long after, the rapid pace of play brought the tournament down to the final eight.

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Final Table Action

"KiddPT" entered the final table as a short stack but matters only became worse after they failed to take their seat until half an hour after cards were in the air. At that point, they had less than a big blind and were eliminated by the flush of "and_ortega". Shortly after "VL1fish3BV" fell in 7th in a dominated ace situation.

"Kvick88" was next to go after first slipping to become the extreme short stack with "VArabia"following them to the rail a couple of hands later.

"Bkira" had been one of the more active players for much of the day but ultimately came up short after hitting the exits in 4th place. "AELlike_it_3" attempted to pull off an audacious bluff against "fjreis" but the latter found a call to set the stage for a heads-up showdown against "and_ortega".

The contest started with the two stacks fairly even and relatively deep at 40 big blinds. After a number of lead changes that at one point saw "and_ortega" open up a 2:1 chip lead, the tournament finally came to a close when "fjreis" managed to extract maximum value with a flush. "and_ortega" was forced to settle for a $8,077 consolation prize while "fjreis" emerged as the champion of Event #29: $25 Main Event Mystery Bounty.

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