Amaho & Xtceeed Win Monsterstack Series III Main Events On Global Poker

Amaho & Xtceeed Win Monsterstack Series III Main Events On Global Poker

The Global Poker Monsterstack Series III ran throughout January and awarded dozens of winners across both Gold and Sweeps Coin events.

The two-week series featured the deepest structured tournaments on Global Poker and awarded an array of swag items in addition to the guaranteed prize pools. The series culiminated with two Main Events with respected guarantees of GC 40 million and SC 100,000.

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"Amaho" Wins Gold

Starting off on the Gold Coin side of things, "Amaho" got through a field of 347 players before ultimately defeating "LITVIN" to win the Main Event trophy and GC 7,656,000.

Others at the final table include "AUTOMAG9" (4th - GC 3,200,000), "FEltonJohn" (5th - GC 2,240,000), and Team PokerNews streamerKyle "KAA17" Anderson, who finished third for 4,200,000 as he streamed the final table action.

3Kyle "KAA17" Anderson4,200,000
7"BIG RED9"1,300,000

It was quite the series for Anderson, who started the series with a win on Jan. 9 before winning a second trophy and GC 1,824,000 in Monsterstack 11 and finishing runner-up in another event for SC 5,000.

Sweeps Victory For "Xtceeed"

Over on the Sweeps Coins side of things, the SC 100,000 guaranteed Main Event drew 1,336 runners as "Xtceeed" topped them all to win SC 19,635.20

"Xtceeed" was joined at the final table by runner-up "JoFree" (SC 14,428.81) and others including "Ab Acterno" (3rd - SC 10,821.61), "Rosey62" (4th - SC 8,056.09) and "Leafs191919" (5th - SC 5,711.41).

3"Ab Acterno"10,821.61

There were plenty of other highlights across the two-week series and in other Global Poker tournaments, including Eric "Errkster" Goodmark locking up back-to-back wins as Denver "Carl1tonBanks" Combsdid the same.

Some of the other winners throughout the series included "QuaZi6" (Monsterstack 10 L - SC 17,500 Guaranteed Progressive Bounty, Deep - SC 3,724.62), "Vamooo Brazil" (Monsterstack 07 H - SC 75,000 Guaranteed Super Deep - SC 13,618.67) and "AllnutZ81" (Monsterstack 06 H - GC 18,000,000 Guaranteed 2x-Chance, Super Deep - GC 6,148,980).

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