Check Out Chad Holloways Top Poker Thrift Store Finds of 2023

Check Out Chad Holloways Top Poker Thrift Store Finds of 2023

If you follow me on X at @ChadAHolloway, you know that I often post poker-themed thrift store finds. Im fond of thrifting, and with Vegas being a transient city, I can tell you that the dozens of secondhand shops are ripe for the picking. I usually hit at least a thrift store a day hunting for treasure.

Pretty much any day of the week Ill come across poker books and DVDs, and occasionally Ive been known to find rare poker shirts and hats. Speaking of which, perhaps my favorite hunt of the year resulted in me stumbling upon a trove of old Run It Up merchandise at a Goodwill, complete with Spraggy and Lex Veldhuis clothing.

The merch harkened back to their early streaming days when they would venture to Jason Somervilles popular Run It Up (RIU) Reno.

One man took notice of the above tweet in the form of 2021 Player of the Year and favorite to win again in 2023 Mike BrockLesnar Holtz.

Mike "BrockLesnar" Holtz Running Away with Player of the Year

Upon learning of the robust bounty hanging on the shelves of a local Goodwill, Holtz jumped in his vehicle and headed to the store where he proceeded to spend $140 snatching up goodies.

Spraggy hoodies are a hot commodity, Holtz told PokerNews. I was watching his YouTube stream and saw they were there. I had to go buy them.

Holtz stocked up on apparel that he brought to Day 2 of the 2023 NAPT Main Event. Being a generous guy, Holtz began to give clothing away to anyone who wanted it, among them Landon Tice, Adam Hendrix, Dustin Lee, and chip leader Parker Talbot.

Here's a look at some other fun finds, including an old Caesars Palace instructional poker VHS featuring a savage burn by host Wil Shriner.

What's your best-ever thrift store find? Let me know on X at @ChadAHolloway. In the meantime, rest assured I'll be hitting up the Goodwills and Savers throughout Las Vegas in my quest to dig up more poker goodies, and maybe, just maybe, hit the jackpot by finding a World Series of Poker (WSOP) gold bracelet!


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