iFoldN0T & KymLim Win PokerStars US Winter Series Main Events

iFoldN0T & KymLim Win PokerStars US Winter Series Main Events

The PokerStars US Winter Series wrapped up this week after multiple weeks of online poker action that awarded dozens of winners in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ontario.

The series culminated this week with the Main Event Championships and produced several notable winners along the way, including Corey "Corgasm231" Paggeot, Matt "5u1ly" Sullivan and Zach "KennyTheRipper" Gruneberg.

Here are some highlights from the latter third of the PokerStars Winter Series.

Main Event Win, Two Titles and 2nd Place Finish for 'iFoldN0T'

There were multiple players who won multiple titles during the final week of the PokerStars US Winter Series on the Michigan/New Jersey shared liquidity platform. But the top performer of them all was, without question, "iFoldN0T," who captured the Main Event title, a second title, and also a runner-up finish all in a matter of a couple days.

The winning for "iFoldN0T" began in Event #52: $500 Super Tuesday High Roller on Jan. 23 for $14,546, beating out 136 entrants. Next up was the $300 buy-in Main Event, the highlight tournament of the series, and the same online poker player took it down for $42,420. The Main Event, a two-day tournament that started on Jan. 28, featured a $250,000 prize pool and 816 players. Final table results in the Main went as follows:

3"Penny & A Dream"$21,555

On the same day, in Event #75: $2,000 High Roller Main, "iFoldN0T" took second place in a chop arrangement for another $24,850. "WadeDavenport," who won a previous event during this same series, ended out on top of the 59-entry tournament for $26,259, one of the biggest scores of the series.

There were many other big winners in the PokerStars MI/NJ Winter Series from Jan. 22-29. That list includes Corey "Corgasm231" Paggeot, a seven-time World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) ring winner. Paggeot conquered Event #57: $100 Wednesday Storm for $5,478.

Some of the other final week champions in the Winter Series were "painter7707" (twice), "cal4567" (twice), and "used2this" shipped the $50 Mini Main for $8,174, beating a field of 954 entrants. And with that, the 2024 PokerStars Winter Series has officially concluded.

PokerStars MI/NJ Winter Series Final Results

Jan. 12Winter Series 01: $10 Turbo Progressive KO992$9,027"paintermom4200"$574 + bounties
Jan. 12Winter Series 02: $100 Friday Freezeout261$23,959Mike "ForTheThr1ll" Haberman$4,572
Jan. 12Winter Series 03: $50 Turbo Progressive KO628$28,574"DegenCNol"$1,915 + bounties
Jan. 12Winter Series 04: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars1,169$10,637"greeneggs123"$1,710
Jan. 13Winter Series 05: $100 Winter Series Kickoff720$66,096Angel "Chr0meKing" Lopez$11,399
Jan. 13Winter Series 06: $20 Mini Kickoff1,123$20,438"vblinkchikv"$3,284
Jan. 13Winter Series 07: $20 Midstack Madness699$12,721"hashtagbitcoin"$853 + bounties
Jan. 14Winter Series 08: $20 Mini Marathon764$13,904"VryAvrg"$2,359
Jan. 14Winter Series 09: $100 Sunday Special1,213$111,353"opedaddy"$17,512
Jan. 14Winter Series 10: $500 Sunday High Roller137$80,000"MartinChatwn"$16,624
Jan. 14Winter Series 11: $50 Turbo Nightly Stars405$20,000Naichang "cncly1314" Chen$3,642
Jan. 14Winter Series 12: $10 Mini Sunday Special1,115$12,500"arenk222"$2,009
Jan. 14Winter Series 13: $30 Hyper-Turbo236$6,655"YupImUpstuck"$1,283
Jan. 15Winter Series 14: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars1,018$9,263"BlackNBlueReign"$1,513
Jan. 15Winter Series 15: $250 Battle Royale High Roller198$50,000"Hustle_Man93"$4,314 + bounties
Jan. 15Winter Series 16: $50 Nightly Stars Freezeout Edition271$12,330"jarjarBINKS14"$2,353
Jan. 15Winter Series 17: $100 Battle Royale345$31,671"rkellyishere"$2,328 + bounties
Jan. 15Winter Series 18: $30 Mini Battle Royale515$14,059"nuttedd"$961
Jan. 16Winter Series 19: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars1,018$9,263"dirtydom37"$1,513
Jan. 16Winter Series 20: $250 Super Tuesday High Roller215$50,095"Stozypokes"$9,769
Jan. 16Winter Series 21: $100 Super Tuesday511$46,909"yourdada647"$8,339
Jan. 16Winter Series 22: $20 Mini Super Tuesday669$12,175"manifest chips"$2,100
Jan. 17Winter Series 23: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars917$8,344"whiteppl LOL"$1,387
Jan. 17Winter Series 24: $50 Nightly Stars PKO Edition470$21,385"GeneralZod10"$1,502 + bounties
Jan. 17Winter Series 25: $100 Wednesday Storm342$31,395"rkellyishere"$5,891
Jan. 17Winter Series 26: $30 Mini Wednesday Storm470$12,831"TheMack910"$2,282
Jan. 18Winter Series 27: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars899$8,180"puckaluck"$1,359
Jan. 18Winter Series 28: $200 Thursday Thrill High Roller290$53,940"unluckyLucho"$4,131 + bounties
Jan. 18Winter Series 29: $1,000 NLHE Freezeout47$50,000Dan "monkeyman067" Sewnig$19,107
Jan. 18Winter Series 30: $100 Midstack Madness250$22,950Benji "Otb_RedHeron" Felson$4,426
Jan. 18Winter Series 31: $30 Mini Thursday Thrill614$16,762Tim "BishPlz94" Bishop$1,147 + bounties
Jan. 19Winter Series 32: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars1,095$9,964"Dkomblau"$1,601
Jan. 19Winter Series 33: $200 Friday Freezeout170$31,620"RNGesusSaves"$6,370
Jan. 19Winter Series 34: $100 Progressive KO Friday Night Fight415$38,097"js&pms"$2,673 + bounties
Jan. 19Winter Series 35: $30 Progressive KO596$16,270"gdtrfb62"$1,087 + bounties
Jan. 20Winter Series 36: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars1,017$9,254"SvedenH0use"$1,512
Jan. 20Winter Series 37: $50 Nightly Stars Win the Button Edition406$18,564"ssr3303"$3,381
Jan. 20Winter Series 38: $100 Deepstack Saturday476$43,696Tyler "tslate21" Hirschfeld$7,768
Jan. 20Winter Series 39: $30 Mini Deepstack Saturday588$16,052"Icandir"$2,827
Jan. 21Winter Series 40: $30 Turbo Progressive KO302$8,244"BelieveInCal"$611 + bounties
Jan. 21Winter Series 41: $200 Sunday Special746$138,756(In Progress)
Jan. 21Winter Series 42: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars862$7,844"wxg1989"$1,304
Jan. 21Winter Series 43: $20 Mini Sunday Special1,195$21,749"LeppyisLucky"$3,421
Jan. 21Winter Series 44: $1,000 Sunday High Roller87$100,000"WadeDavenport"$23,748
Jan. 21Winter Series 45: $100 Turbo Sunday Second Chance224$20,563"bkglancy"$4,010
Jan. 21Winter Series 46: $50 Hyper-Turbo Nightly Stars255$11,985"SlabShinin"$2,310
Jan. 22Winter Series 47: $10 Nightly Mini Stars914$8,317"unkyjoe"$1,382
Jan. 22Winter Series 48: $250 PLO133$30,989B@nglaking$6,537
Jan. 22Winter Series 49: $100 Battle Royale367$33,690"PIES1212"$2,434 + bounties
Jan. 22Winter Series 50: $30 Mini Battle Royale506$13,813"Badwis"$947 + bounties
Jan. 23Winter Series 51: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars972$8,845"ct0312"$1,446
Jan. 23Winter Series 52: $500 Super Tuesday High Roller136$70,000"iFoldN0T"$14,546
Jan. 23Winter Series 53: $200 Super Tuesday304$56,544"cal4567"$10,719
Jan. 23Winter Series 54: $50 Mini Super Tuesday523$23,796"4JohnnyVegas4"$4,207
Jan. 24Winter Series 55: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars845$7,689"lordi187"$1,278
Jan. 24Winter Series 56: $20 Progressive KO Bounty Blizzard496$9,027"kmw0824"$1,333
Jan. 24Winter Series 57: $100 Wednesday Storm318$29,192Corey "Corgasm231" Paggeot$5,478
Jan. 24Winter Series 58: $30 Mini Wednesday Storm454$12,500"Viciousness"$2,238
Jan. 25Winter Series 59: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars927$8,435"mrm0804"$1,402
Jan. 25Winter Series 60: $250 Thursday Thrill High Roller223$60,000"jglman0126"$5,494 + bounties
Jan. 25Winter Series 61: $100 Thursday Thrill426$40,000"PranavKatari"$2,915 + bounties
Jan. 25Winter Series 62: $50 Mini Thursday Thrill480$21,840"VinDeezz"$1,521 + bounties
Jan. 26Winter Series 63: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars918$8,353"Brahinz"$1,388
Jan. 26Winter Series 64: $50 Turbo Nightly Stars - Zoom Edition312$14,196"S_R732"$2,657
Jan. 26Winter Series 65: $100 Friday Freezeout - PKO Edition238$21,848"HarryTheHammer"$1,674 + bounties
Jan. 26Winter Series 66: $40 Progressive Total KO519$14,168"MarigoldUKnow"$2,444
Jan. 27Winter Series 67: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars940$8,554"Risktaker1111"$1,422
Jan. 27Winter Series 68: $100 Progressive KO PLO173$15,881"einplusein"$1,271 + bounties
Jan. 27Winter Series 69: $50 Progressive KO Nightly Stars412$18,746"Batzz88"$685 + bounties
Jan. 27Winter Series 70: $100 Main Event Preview403$36,995"Hiawatha73"$6,737
Jan. 27Winter Series 71: $30 Mini Main Event Preview536$14,632"GTO_Warlock"$2,483
Jan. 28Winter Series 72: $300 Main Event816$250,000"iFoldN0T"$42,420
Jan. 28Winter Series 73: $10 Winter Nightly Mini Stars820$7,500"painter7707"$1,273
Jan. 28Winter Series 74: $50 Mini Main954$50,000"used2this"$8,174
Jan. 28Winter Series 75: $2,000 High Roller Main59$115,050"WadeDavenport"$26,259
Jan. 28Winter Series 76: $200 Turbo Main Second Chance167$31,062"Penny & A Dream"$5,813
Jan. 28Winter Series 77: $100 Hyper-Turbo Progressive KO201$19,095"cal4567"$1,631 + bounties
Jan. 28Winter Series 78: $3 Micro Main - Phase 3562$10,090"painter7707"$1,445

Two Titles For PA Main Event Winner "KymLim" & Others

Over on PokerStars PA, the series culminated with the $200,000 guaranteed Main Event, a two-day tournament that drew 803 runners to surpass the guarantee with a prize pool of $224,840.

At the top at the end of it all was familiar screen name "KymLim," who earlier in the series took down the $30,000 guaranteed Winter Series 19: $250 NLHE Super Tuesday High Roller $7,464.05. For their latest score, "KymLim" earned $38,151.64 and the title of PokerStars PA Winter Series Main Event champion.

"wolfofbroads188" finished runner-up for $27,195.40, while others at the final table included "JettJett19" (6th - $7,021.82), "Deuce9off" (5th - $9,850.55) and "phillytaxguy" (4th - $19,385.81), who was after a third series title after winning Winter Series 45: $250 PLO Monthly PLO and Winter Series 69: $50 NLHE Mini Main for respective scores of $5,931.07 and $5,658.32.


"KymLim" and "spycatcher99" weren't the only players to nab multiple titles during the multi-week Winter Series.

"DrJesi" struck a deal in Winter Series 36: $30 NLHE Mini Deepstack Saturday to win the title and $1,771.88 before going on to win Winter Series 50: $200 NLHE Super Tuesday for $8,052.81. Meanwhile, "NutFlopper412" started the series with a victory in Winter Series 02: $100 NLHE Friday Freezeout for $3,274 before winning a second title in $4,565.59.

"randd10" stayed quiet through the start of the series but went on a late run to win two titles in Winter Series 60: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars and Winter Series 71: $200 NLHE Turbo, Main Second Chance for respective scores of $936.39 and $5,995.90.

Some of the biggest winners across the series included "mbw2388" (Winter Series 70: $2,000 NLHE High Roller Main - $35,743.65), "MasterOf0ne" (Winter Series 49: $500 NLHE Super Tuesday - High Roller - $11,874.22) and "Danieldanielson" (Winter Series 38: $200 NLHE Sunday Special (2-Day) - $17,791.30).

PokerStars PA Winter Series Final Results

Jan. 12Winter Series 01: $10 NLHE Turbo, Progressive KO, Mini Turbo Warm Up, $5K Gtd528$5,000"marmar732"$882
Jan. 12Winter Series 02: $100 NLHE Friday Freezeout, $10K Gtd177$16,248.60"NutFlopper412"$3,274
Jan. 12Winter Series 03: $50 NLHE Turbo, Progressive KO, Turbo Warm Up, $10K Gtd384$17,472"jakey0619"$2,979
Jan. 13Winter Series 04: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd640$5,824"PokerPete215"$1,005
Jan. 13Winter Series 05: $100 NLHE Kickoff, $40K Gtd515$47,277"gorb575"$8,405
Jan. 13Winter Series 06: $20 NLHE Mini Kickoff, $10K Gtd688$12,521.60"blankface777"$2,160
Jan. 13Winter Series 07: $20 NLHE Midstack Madness - PKO Edition, $3K Gtd325$5,915.00"kcr109"$884
Jan. 14Winter Series 08: $20 NLHE Mini Marathon, $6K Gtd478$8,699.60"OMC Escher"$1,547
Jan. 14Winter Series 09: $100 NLHE Sunday Special, $70K Gtd1,025$94,095Matt "5u1ly" Sullivan$15,367
Jan. 14Winter Series 10: $500 NLHE Sunday High Roller - PKO Edition, $40K Gtd118$55,460Zach "KennyTheRipper" Gruneberg$13,635
Jan. 14Winter Series 11: $10 NLHE Mini Sunday Special, $7.5K Gtd776$7,500"krisdq345"$1,273
Jan. 14Winter Series 12: $50 NLHE Nightly Stars Turbo Edition, $10K Gtd294$13,818"zj1393"$2,620
Jan. 14Winter Series 13: $30 NLHE Hyper-Turbo, Sunday Hyper, $3K Gtd172$4,695.60"Manimal7985"$937
Jan. 15Winter Series 14: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd611$5,660.10"NoSoul2Read"$979.75
Jan. 15Winter Series 15: $250 NLHE Battle Royale High Roller, $35K Gtd136$35,000.00"NuttyWolve"$9,271.98
Jan. 15Winter Series 16: $100 NLHE Battle Royale, $25K Gtd298$27,356.40"Benjamin Fierro"$5,514.55
Jan. 15Winter Series 17: $30 NLHE Mini Battle Royale, $7.5K Gtd337$9,200.10"WuTangFinancial"$1,515.38
Jan. 16Winter Series 18: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd604$5,496.40"Disaster258"$968.49
Jan. 16Winter Series 19: $250 NLHE Super Tuesday High Roller, $30K Gtd159$37,047"KymLim"$7,464.05
Jan. 16Winter Series 20: $100 NLHE Super Tuesday, $30K Gtd321$30,000"KanyeIsaGenius6"$5,615.52
Jan. 16Winter Series 21: $20 NLHE Mini Super Tuesday, $6.5K Gtd396$7,207.20"jessedoczzz"$1,312.75
Jan. 17Winter Series 22: $20 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd551$5,014.10"dirtybird1981"$886.80
Jan. 17Winter Series 23: $50 NLHE Nightly Stars - PKO Edition, $10K Gtd285$12,967.50"ecerille"$2,651.79
Jan. 17Winter Series 24: $100 NLHE Wednesday Storm, $22.5K Gtd258$23,684.40"NutFlopper412"$4,565.59
Jan. 17Winter Series 25: $30 NLHE Mini Wednesday Storm, $7K Gtd297$1,543.03"OMC Escher"$1,543.03
Jan. 18Winter Series 26: $10 NLHE Winter NIghtly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd611$5,660.10"McFly1819"$979.75
Jan. 18Winter Series 27: $200 NLHE Thursday Thrill High Roller, $25K Gtd141$26,226"dubbadell"$5,303.70
Jan. 18Winter Series 28: $100 NLHE Midstack Madness, $12.5K Gtd245$22,491"mbw2388"$4,338.12
Jan. 18Winter Series 29: $30 NLHE Mini Thursday Thrill, $7.5K Gtd437$11,930.10"ShadoeWolf5"$2,473.72
Jan. 19Winter Series 30: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd666$6,060.60"BTWNguy"$1,045.87
Jan. 19Winter Series 31: $200 NLHE Friday Freezeout, $20K Gtd142$26,412"terpkings1"$5,030.21*
Jan. 19Winter Series 32: $100 NLHE Progressive KO, Friday Night Fight, $25K Gtd405$37,179"NULL ID ERROR"$2,663.11
Jan. 19Winter Series 33: $30 NLHE Progressive KO, Mini Friday Night Fight, $10K Gtd531$14,496.30"HodorHodorHodor"$2,454.65
Jan. 20Winter Series 34: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd582$5,296.20"FatherOfTwins"$932.96
Jan. 20Winter Series 35: $100 NLHE Deepstack Saturday, $22.5K Gtd347$31,854.60"wineagleswin"$5,880.81
Jan. 20Winter Series 36: $30 NLHE Mini Deepstack Saturday, $7.5K Gtd396$10,810.80"DrJesi"$1,771.88*
Jan. 21Winter Series 37: $30 NLHE Turbo, Progressive KO, Afternoon Turbo, $5K Gtd275$7,507.50"virb8787"$1,561.64
Jan. 21Winter Series 38: $200 NLHE Sunday Special (2-Day), $85K Gtd541$100,626TBD$17,791.30
Jan. 21Winter Series 39: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd614$5,587.40"Realcrazy29"$984.35
Jan. 21Winter Series 40: $20 NLHE Mini Sunday Special, $12.5K Gtd759$13,813.80"mavedog31"$2,344.82
Jan. 21Winter Series 41: $500 NLHE Sunday High Roller, $65K Gtd126$65,000"JonnyDmo"$14,292.88
Jan. 21Winter Series 42: $100 NLHE Turbo, Sunday Second Chance, $12.5 Gtd195$17,901"sbrncz1497"$3,556.11
Jan. 21Winter Series 43: $50 NLHE Hyper-Turbo, Nightly Stars - Hyper Edition184$8,648.00"donniejohnjr"$1,725.03
Jan. 22Winter Series 44: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd544$5,000.00"sknorr17099"$884.44
Jan. 22Winter Series 45: $250 PLO Monthly PLO $20K Gtd109$25,397.00"spycatcher99"$5,931.07
Jan. 22Winter Series 46: $100 NLHE Battle Royale, $22.5K Gtd258$23,684.40"Jirey86"$4,438.50
Jan. 22Winter Series 47: $30 NLHE Mini Battle Royale, $7K Gtd348$9,500.40"GILMAN949"$1,679.08
Jan. 23Winter Series 48: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd526$5,000"Chipbandit412"$884.44
Jan. 23Winter Series 49: $500 NLHE Super Tuesday - High Roller, $50K Gtd95$50,000"MasterOf0ne"$11,874.22
Jan. 23Winter Series 50: $200 NLHE Super Tuesday, $35K Gtd222$41,292"DrJesi"$8,052.81
Jan. 23Winter Series 51: $50 NLHE Mini Super Tuesday, $12.5K Gtd317$14,423.50Nick "cooooooch" Amicucci$2,699.88
Jan. 24Winter Series 52: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd540$5,000"keeper15155"$884.44
Jan. 24Winter Series 53: $20 NLHE Progressive Total KO, Bounty Blizzard - 8-Max TKO, $3K Gtd404$7,352.80"The168"$1,580.47
Jan. 24Winter Series 54: $100 NLHE Wednesday Storm, $20K Gtd246$22,582.80"Gmen010"$3,866.37
Jan. 24Winter Series 55: $30 NLHE Mini Wednesday Storm, $7K Gtd301$8,217.30"WinningForALivin"$1,563.84
Jan. 25Winter Series 56: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd568$5,168.80"Moose90291972"$819.14
Jan. 25Winter Series 57: $250 NLHE Thursday Thrill High Roller, $45K Gtd180$45,000"MrManayunk"$9,982.44
Jan. 25Winer Series 58: $100 NLHE Thursday Thrill, $25K Gtd338$31,028.40"claireboucher"$5,359.77
Jan. 25Winter Series 59: $50 NLHE Mini Thursday Thrill, $12.5K Gtd348$15,834"angryyoungman"$2,902.43
Jan. 26Winter Series 60: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd584$5,314.40"randd10"$936.39
Jan. 26Winter Series 61: $100 NLHE Friday Freezeout - PKO Edition, $10K Gtd185$16,983"ecerille"$3,837.96
Jan. 26Winter Series 62: $30 NLHE Progressive Total KO, Mini Friday Night Fight - TKO, $6K Gtd470$12,831"bobbarker717"$1,919.54
Jan. 27Winter Series 63: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd570$5,187"carney982002"$917.56
Jan. 27Winter Series 64: $100 PLO Progressive KO, PLO, $10K Gtd160$14,688"fan_buzgon"$3,862.96
Jan. 27Winter Series 65: $100 NLHE Main Event Preview, $25K Gtd326$29,926.80"blankface777"$5,601.73
Jan. 27Winter Series 66: $30 NLHE Mini Main Event Preview, $7.5K Gtd363$9,909.90"TheBiggZigg"$1,829.66
Jan. 28Winter Series 67: $300 NLHE Main Event, 2-Day, $200K Gtd803$224,840"KymLim"$38,151.64
Jan. 28Winter Series 68: $10 NLHE Winter Nightly Mini Stars, $5K Gtd692$6,297.20"kcr109"$1,086.52
Jan. 28Winter Series 69: $50 NLHE Mini Main, $25K Gtd721$32,805.50"spycatcher99"$5,658.32
Jan. 28Winter Series 70: $2,000 NLHE High Roller Main, $100K Gtd75$146,250"mbw2388"$35,743.65
Jan. 28Winter Series 71: $200 NLHE Turbo, Main Second Chance, $20K Gtd160$29,760"randd10"$5,995.90
Jan. 28Winter Series 72: $100 NLHE Hyper-Turbo, Progressive KO, Bounty Adrenaline, $10K Gtd195$18,525"LordofCoin"$3,855.89
Jan. 29Winter Series 73: $3.00 NLHE Micro Main - $3 Phase, $10K Gtd495$10,000"smokinjoe272"$1,438.70
Jan. 29Winter Series 74: $100 NLHE Closer, $30K Gtd398$36,536.40"blankface777"$6,654.32
Jan. 29Winter Series 75: $10 NLHE Mini Closer, $6K Gtd699$6,360.90"TheStrider124"$1,097.65


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