Luck of the Irish: Cosmin1812 Picks Up One Of Online Poker's Biggest-Ever Mystery Bounties

Luck of the Irish: Cosmin1812 Picks Up One Of Online Poker's Biggest-Ever Mystery Bounties

After a very brief final table on Day 3 of Event #34: $888 Mystery Bounty Main Event at the 888Poker Winter XL Series, "Cosmin1812" of Ireland emerged as the big winner, scooping both the top prize of $82,619 as well as the largest $100,000 bounty to bring their total winnings from the tournament to a staggering $218,885. To put that in perspective, they left with over 20% of the total $1,033,712 prize pool generated by a 1,219-strong field, all that from a $888 initial investment ($2,664 if you include their two re-entries).

Lithuania's "DominykasJ" took second place and a total payday of just $65,456, while Canadian "CheersMates" rounded out the podium in third for $53,864.

Event #34: $888 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Results

RankPlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize

Mystery Bounty Portion

As mentioned, tournament winner "Cosmin1812" walked away with the top bounty but other players in the field also managed to take advantage of the bounty prizepool. They include 18th-place finisher "casual_win" ($53,466 in bounties) and 65th-place finisher "tehnats" ($26,733 in bounties).

Money Bubble

Outside of the mystery bounty, the regular prize pool of $533,712 also offered players a chance to see a return on their investment. That amount was split amongst the top 144 finishers, with each guaranteed a minimum of $1,344. "raw_dawg" was the individual unfortunate enough to fall in 145th place, bringing the tournament into the money.

Final Table Action

"Iroquois" was the first casualty of the final table in eighth place after running their jacks right into the ladies of "Cosmin1812". To add insult to injury, they could only watch as the $100,000 bounty on their own head was shipped to their opponent.

A few hands later, "LookAround" fell in seventh place after they ran into a dominating ace of "Mapoker96". Not long after, "BIG_BIN" and "TAJJMAAKKHAL" were eliminated in sixth and fifth place, respectively, the former making an ill-timed hero call against "Cosmin1812".

Play continued at a rapid pace, with "Cosmin1812" emerging as a dominant chip leader after sending "Mapoker96" to the rail in fourth place holding pocket rockets. They followed that up by winning a key flip against "CheersMates" to bring the tournament down to the heads-up stage.

Starting with a more than 10:1 advantage, it did not take long for "Cosmin1812" to finish off "DominykasJ" in second place to emerge as the overwhelming winner in Event #34: $888 Mystery Bounty Main Event at the 2024 888Poker Winter XL Series.

888poker XL Winter Series Complete Results

EventBuy-inEntrantsPrize PoolChampionPrize
#01 Mini Opening Event$55793$40,000BrittneySpew$6,192*
#02 Opening Event$1091,179$120,000optimusmov$10,441*
#03 High Roller Opening Event$52591$50,000ddaubar$12,320*
#04 PKO Mini$22580$11,600PMBogdan$2,165*
#05 PKO$109185$18,500thechronic99$3,706*
#06 Mystery Bounty Mini High Roller$55356$17,800marclatt$3,715*
#07 Mystery Bounty High Roller$32092$27,600wowkit$9,136*
#08 6-Max Mini$22453$10,000Etrom33$2,000
#09 6-Max$109139$13,900lovelydonk$3,614
#10 Super KO Mini$55$266$13,300sjae98$1,623*
#11 Super KO$32070$21,000dkfdyulr$4,590*
#12 PKO Turbo Deep Mini$22$515$10,300bu11ets4w1n$1,702*
#13 PKO Turbo Deep$109113$12,000POTITOOOOOOOO$2,664*
#14 Mystery Bounty Mini$55756$37,800andydalmas$3,375*
#15 Mystery Bounty Micro$11$1,178$11,7801_Serj_1$1,307*
#16 Mystery Bounty High Roller$525$87$50,000Hvalavam$12,869*
#17 Mystery Bounty$109323$32,300alexdelf10$7,862*
#18 Big Shot Mini$22418$10,000Brahmeiro$1,829
#19 Big Shot$109128$12,800bucurestean$2,976
#20 Mystery Bounty$1621,114$200,000doga10$17,159*
#21 Turbo Deep Mini High Roller$55230Teippio94$2,547
#22 Turbo Deep High Roller$32053$20,000Sim0nkK$6,000
#23 KO Mini$22511$10,220Teippio94$1,396*
#24 KO$109124$12,400LookAround$2,337*
#25 PKO Mini$55285$14,250_WOLVES_$2,776*
#26 PKO$32096$28,800Hxs87$7,513*
#27 Big Shot 6-Max Mini$22456$10,000Guts92
#28 Big Shot 6-max$109106$12,000dkfdyulr$3,270
#29 Mystery Bounty$55825$41,250Takter$3,560*
#30 Mystery Bounty Mini$221,105$25,000Unmoved44$2,182*
#31 Mystery Bounty High Roller$52596$50,000ddaubar$14,762*
#32 Mystery Bounty$109521$52,100Tom "sheeeeeeeeet" Hall$6,140*
#33 After Party$109136$15,000POTITOOOOOOOO$3,487
#34 Mystery Bounty Main Event$8881,219$1,033,712Cosmin1812$218,885*
#35 Mystery Bounty Mini Main Event$255,278$121,394tutuia20$8,635*

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