Someone Will Win a $100K Mystery Bounty Payout at 888poker Tonight

Someone Will Win a $100K Mystery Bounty Payout at 888poker Tonight

Reaching the final table of a major online poker tournament is exciting for everyone involved, but the excitement surrounding 888poker XL Winter Series Mystery Bounty Main Event final table is off the scale.

Not only is there a first-place prize worth $82,618 up for grabs, but one of the lucky eight finalists will eliminate an opponent, open the golden mystery bounty from their fallen foe's head, and reveal a massive $100,000 payout! The $100,000 mystery bounty is one of the largest mystery bounties ever awarded in the online poker world.

The 888poker XL Winter Series Mystery Bounty Main Event drew in 1,219 entrants across several flights, resulting in the $1 million guarantee being surpassed by $33,712. That bumper crowd is down to only eight hopefuls, who return to battle at 7:00 p.m. GMT on January 30 to conclude the tournament.

PokerNews' live reporting team will be on the ground from the moment the first cards are pitched until the champion is crowned. You can also catch all the card-up action, from 8:00 p.m. GMT, on 888poker's Twitch channel.

Huge Mystery Bounties Awarded; $100,000 Waits to be Won

$500,000 worth of mystery bounties came into play from the start of Day 2, and there were some whoppers sealed in golden envelopes. Five $10,000 bounties, two $25,000 bounties, a $50,000 and $100,000 were among the most sought-after mystery prizes.

"unluckeeeeee" may have busted in 56th place, but not before claiming a $10,000 bountiy. "AlCunningham,""Winter__96,""Dynamon," and "BIG_BIN" also helped themselves to $10,000 bounties; the latter is still in contention for the title and a $100,000 bounty as they are seventh in chips at the final table.

Sixty-fifth place finisher "tehnats" opened an envelope containing $25,000, as did "Cosmin1812" of Ireland, who is currently second in chips at the final table.

The United Kingdom's "casual_win" fell in 18th place, although they won't be too bothered because they found the $50,000 mystery bounty before their tournament ended.

Event #34: $888 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds

"TAJJMAAKKHAL" and their 13 big blinds aside, none of the finalists are all that short-stacked, with the next shortest stack worth 23 big blinds. Brazil's "Mapoker96" is the overnight chip leader by some distance. "Mapoker96" has 3,684,120 chips or 105 big blinds, over twice as many as "Cosmin1812" in second place.

Having a relatively deep-stacked final table combined with one of the eight finalists having a $100,000 mystery bounty in their envelope means this $888 buy-in tournament's final table should be packed with action and drama in equal measure.

You can find out how the final table goes down, who emerges victorious, and which 888poker player reels in that huge $100,000 mystery bounty by tuning into the PokerNews Live Reporting pages or heading to the 888poker Twitch channel on January 30.


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