WPT Global Winter Classic: Playground Montreal to Host Thrilling Series

WPT Global Winter Classic: Playground Montreal to Host Thrilling Series

The excitement is building as the WPT Global Winter Classic descends upon Playground Montreal from January 24 to February 4, promising poker enthusiasts an unforgettable experience filled with high-stakes action and lucrative prizes. This poker extravaganza is a collaboration between WPT Global and Playground, featuring a dynamic lineup of events that cater to both online and live players.

Online Kickoff on WPT Global

Before the live festivities commence, online players can get a head start with two exclusive events on WPT Global. The action begins with a single-day $22 NLH tournament on January 22, followed by a $44 NLH event on January 23. Winners of these online tournaments will be awarded coveted championship rings, setting the stage for the exhilarating series ahead.

$500,000 Guarantee $1,150 Winter Classic Main Event

The centerpiece of the Winter Classic is undoubtedly the $500,000 Guarantee $1,150 Main Event, taking place from February 1 to 4. Players have the chance to secure their seat in this prestigious event for as little as $9.35 through daily online satellites on WPT Global, which have been running since January 3. The Main Event promises intense competition and substantial rewards for those who emerge victorious.

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Diverse Tournaments to Suit Every Player

The Winter Classic series caters to a wide range of poker enthusiasts with diverse tournaments throughout the event. Some notable tournaments include:

These tournaments offer varying buy-ins and formats, ensuring that players of all levels can find a competition that suits their preferences.

Join the Meet-Up Game at Playground

An exciting addition to the Winter Classic is the Meet-Up Game (MUG) at Playground on January 31. Players can immerse themselves in $2/$5 cash games and enjoy the company of WPT Global Ambassadors. Jonathan "Apestyles" Van Fleet, Xuan Liu, and Matt Berkey will be rotating among the tables, providing players with a unique opportunity to engage with poker pros while vying for their own victories.

To participate in the MUG, players need to play in the $2/$5 cash games, wear a provided patch, and make their first deposit of $20 or more (or maintain an active account with $500 or more).

The 2024 WPT Global Winter Classic promises an exhilarating blend of online and live poker, offering players the chance to compete for substantial prizes and forge unforgettable memories. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a casual player, this series has something for everyone.

WPT Global Winter Classic Full Schedule

Monday, January 2219:00$22 USDNo Limit Hold'em Re-entry played on WPTG
Tuesday, January 2319:00$44 USDNo Limit Hold'em Re-entry played on WPTG
Wednesday, January 2412:00$350PG350 Mystery Bounty Day 1A$200,000
Wednesday, January 2419:00$350PG350 Mystery Bounty Day 1B$200,000
Thursday, January 2512:00$350PG350 Mystery Bounty Day 1C$200,000
Thursday, January 2519:00$350PG350 Mystery Bounty Day 1D$200,000
Friday, January 2612:00$350PG350 Mystery Bounty Day 1E$200,000
Friday, January 2616:00$350PG350 Mystery Bounty Day 1F$200,000
Friday, January 2619:00$350PG350 Mystery Bounty Day 1G$200,000
Saturday, January 2711:00$350PG350 Mystery Bounty Day 1H$200,000
Saturday, January 2713:30$350PG350 Mystery Bounty Day 1I$200,000
Saturday, January 2716:00$350PG350 Mystery Bounty Day 1J$200,000
Saturday, January 2718:30$350PG350 Mystery Bounty Day 1K Turbo$200,000
Saturday, January 2721:00$180Bankroll Builder Milestone Satellite1 in 10 wins $1,400 in T$
Sunday, January 2811:00PG350 Mystery Bounty Day 2$200,000
Sunday, January 2814:00$500Bounty Multiplier$25,000
Sunday, January 2818:00$180Main Event Milestone Satellite5 Seats
Sunday, January 2819:00$93.50 USDMain Event Online Satellite10 Seats
Monday, January 2911:00$250Mega Stack$10,000
Monday, January 2916:00$5006-Max$20,000
Monday, January 2919:00$300Action Clock Deepstack$12,000
Tuesday, January 3011:00$250Mega Stack$10,000
Tuesday, January 3015:00$500Monster Stack$30,000
Tuesday, January 3019:00$300High Roller Satellite5 Seats
Wednesday, January 3111:00$250Monster Stack Turbo$10,000
Wednesday, January 3116:00$2,200High Roller Day 1$100,000
Wednesday, January 3119:00$400Pot Limit Omaha$15,000
Wednesday, January 3119:30$180Main Event Milestone Satellite5 Seats
Thursday, February 111:00$1,150WPT Global Winter Classic Main Event Day 1A$500,000
Thursday, February 114:00$2,200High Roller Day 2$100,000
Thursday, February 116:00$60050/50 Bounty$30,000
Thursday, February 119:00$180Main Event Milestone Satellite5 Seats
Friday, February 211:00$1,150WPT Global Winter Classic Main Event Day 1B$500,000
Friday, February 216:00$600Deepstack 8-Max$40,000
Friday, February 219:00$180Main Event Milestone Satellite5 Seats
Friday, February 221:00$180Main Event Milestone Satellite5 Seats
Saturday, February 311:00$1,150WPT Global Winter Classic Main Event Day 1C$500,000
Saturday, February 318:00$400Mystery Bounty$40,000
Saturday, February 311:00WPT Global Winter Classic Main Event Day 2$500,000
Saturday, February 313:00$600Progressive Knockout$50,000
Saturday, February 318:00$300Playgrounds Secret Bounty$25,000


Can you win real money at WPT Global?

Yes, you can win real money at WPT Global. WPT Global also offer the chance to win seats in any number of exciting live tournaments.

How many decks are used in poker?

In most popular poker variants, such as Texas Hold'em and Omaha, a standard deck of 52 playing cards is used. Each deck contains four suits (hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades) and consists of 13 ranks (Ace, 2 through 10, and the face cards: Jack, Queen, and King).

What is the bonus code for WPT Global Poker 2023?

The best bonus code for WPT Global is WPT777. By entering the bonus code, players will get a welcome bonus 100% up to $1,200 on the first deposit. The minimum deposit is $20.