€5.5 Million is Guaranteed in the Bounty Hunter Series XL at Bet365 Poker

€5.5 Million is Guaranteed in the Bounty Hunter Series XL at Bet365 Poker

Online poker sites on the bustling iPoker Network, including Bet365 Poker, are running a massive €5.5 million Bounty Hunter Series XL that runs every day in March, drawing to a close on April 2. Bet365 Poker is the place to be if you are a seasoned bounty hunter or someone just dipping their toes into this exciting format.

The €5,500,000 Bounty Hunter Series XL's schedule is so big that it would fill an entire PokerNews page or two; that's what happens when you run several bounty, progressive bounty, and mystery bounty tournaments every day for a month.

Buy-ins for the series start at an affordable €3, top out at €1,000, with a wide selection between those two extremes. Guarantees for the numbered events start at €3,000, with a cool €250,000 guaranteed in the series' mystery bounty Main Event.

Bounty Hunter Series XL Highlights

The Bounty Hunter Series XL schedule has hundreds of tournaments to choose from, with several formats available to keep matters interesting. There are No-Limit Hold'em and Pot-Limit Omaha tournaments, deep stacks, short-handed, and multi-flight events every day of the month.

BHS 01-L: €50K Mystery Micro is one of the best value tournaments on the schedule, not least because it guarantees €50,000 will be awarded despite a lowly €3 buy-in. This event is multi-flighted and played as a "Stack Builder," meaning all of your stacks and bounties are combined on Day 2 if you progress more than once. Day 2 of this exciting tournament starts at 8:30 p.m. GMT on March 24, giving you plenty of time to build a huge stack.

Another value-packed Bounty Hunter Series XL tournament for you to get your teeth into is the BHS: €100K 6-Max Showdown. More than two dozen Day 1s are scheduled, each costing €10 to enter, with the guarantee set at an ambitious €100,000. Players can play in as many Day 1s as they wish, but only their best stack carries forward to Day 2 if they make it through more than once. The final starts at 8:30 p.m. GMT on April 1.

Win a Share of £250K in the 6 Scores Challenge at bet365

If playing for a share of a guaranteed €100,000 is not enough to get you hot under the collar, what about fighting it out at the virtual felt for the lion's share of a quarter of a million euros? BHS 01-H: €250K Mystery Main is a €100 buy-in mystery bounty tournament with €250,000 guaranteed, serving as the series' Main Event.

Enter this tournament and Bet365 Poker hands you 50,000 chips to start your quest for glory. Each Day 1 plays 17 levels, each spanning ten minutes, starting at 250/500/75a. Survive until the end of the 17th level, and you take your stack through to Day 2 at 8:05 p.m. GMT on March 25. The €250,000 guaranteed tournament is a Stack Builder, so you take all your stacks through with you to Day 2 if you progress more than once!

Mystery Bounties are active from the start of Day 2, so having a big stack gives you an advantage over the rest of the field.

Get Involved in the Bounty Hunter Series Missions

Two end-of-series freerolls with €2,000 and €7,500 prize pools are waiting for you to win tickets. You can play in these freerolls by completing Bounty Hunter Series missions throughout the series. Start by starting the missions via the "Missions" section of the Bet365 Poker software, then hit the tables to complete the four missions. You can complete each mission once to receive up to four tickets.

MissionQualifying periodPrize
Play 10 BHS satellites (€0.50 min buy-in)March 1 until April 2€7,500 BHS Missions Freeroll ticket
Play 10 BHS tiered eventsMarch 1 until April 2€7,500 BHS Missions Freeroll ticket
Knock out 15 players from BHS tournamentsMarch 1 until April 3€7,500 BHS Missions Freeroll ticket
Knock out 30 players from BHS tournamentsMarch 1 until April 3€2,000 BHS KO Beast freeroll ticket

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Start Your Bet365 Career With a €365 Welcome Bonus

You need a Bet365 Poker account to get involved in the €5,500,000 Bounty Hunter Series XL. Those with an account can fire up the Bet365 Poker software and grind those Day 1s. Anyone reading this without an account can download Bet365 Poker via PokerNews and become eligible for a sizable welcome package.

Regardless of your initial deposit size, new Bet365 Poker customers receive a €365 redeemable bonus that releases into your account as you play real money cash games and tournaments. You receive 10 Status Points for every €1 or £1 you contribute to the cash game rake or pay in tournament fees.

The first two €2.50 bonus payments will be released into your playable balance once you earn 25 and 50 Status Points, respectively. The following 24 increments land in your account each time you earn 100 Status Points, with the remaining installments redeeming after every 250 Status Points earned.

In addition to the €365 bonus, you also reel in a €1 Twister ticket, a free spin on the Welcome Prize Wheel, and some special welcome missions where you earn one-off prizes

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