Andrew Robl Gets a Generous River Card to Win Massive Pot on 'High Stakes Poker'

Andrew Robl Gets a Generous River Card to Win Massive Pot on 'High Stakes Poker'

Stop us if we sound like a broken record, but Andrew Robl dominated the competition during Monday's High Stakes Poker episode, the second of Season 12 on PokerGO.

Robl, a surefire future Poker Hall of Famer, wasn't the only player who crushed it this week on the iconic poker cash game show. Andrew Pacheco ran hot as well, while the third Andrew Andrew Sasson couldn't catch a cold.

Episode 2 featured many six-figure pots and double straddles in the $200/$400 no-limit hold'em game. The same group of players in last week's season opener returned to action, and the starting stacks were as follows.

PlayerChip Stack
Andrew Robl$731,100
Jean-Robert Bellande$307,400
Santhosh Suvarna$300,000
Andrew Sasson$297,500
Jennifer Tilly$244,300
Vivian Yang$226,000
Andrew Pacheco$150,000
Justin Gavri$143,100

Starting Off Strong

The action was intense right off the bat with Santhosh Suvarna, a regular on shows such as Bally Live Poker and Hustler Casino Live, double straddling for $1,600. Vivian Yang raised to $6,000 from an early position with 99.

Sasson made an interesting call on the button with 74, as did Jean-Robert Bellande in the big blind with J10. Suvarna, holding AK, made a large three-bet to $37,000, and only JRB called. The flop came out K45, and a $27,000 bet from Big Slick took it down.

Suvarna, a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner from India would then take down a $155,000 pot with a flush against the top pair (aces) Justin Gavri hit. On the ensuing hand, Yang bet $10,000 with AQ on a flop of 332, but Santhoh came along for the ride with 104, hoping to pick up a flush draw on the turn, which he did with the 7.

Yang, still on ace-high, bet $33,000 this time, which didnt convince her opponent to fold. The 9 on the river completed the runner-runner flush. Suvarna led out for $80,000, and Yang had to muck her cards.

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Tilly Bringing the Action

After losing a mid-sized pot with Big Slick against Robls pocket queens, Jennifer Tilly, who was in the straddle, three-bet to $20,000 with KQ. Yang, who raised to $6,000 originally on the button with A3, wanted to see a flop, which came out KJ9, a little something for both players.

Tilly led out for $20,000, about half the size of the pot, and received a call. The turn was the 4, no improvement to either hand. Still on top pair and the best hand, Tilly check-called a $45,000 wager. When the 10 appeared on the river, it gave Tilly a straight, which she bet out for $60,000, enough to end the hand.

The Bride of Chucky star played another moderately sized pot against Bellande, betting her pocket nines into his pocket queens. Bellande would flop a set, then turn it into a full house before his opponent gave up on the river.

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Set Over Set for Pacheco

In a heads up pot, Pacheco held QQ on a flop of J3Q. The flop was even sweeter for him than just hitting top set because his opponent, Sasson, also had a set with JJ. Top set led for $3,000 and received a call.

The turn was the 6, and Pacheco bet $10,000 before Sasson made a large raise to $60,000. With $115,000 on top of that raise, Pacheco moved all in and was snap-called by a player desperately seeking a one-outer. They agreed to run the river twice, neither of which went Sassons way, and Pacheco took down a $365,000 pot.

Sasson, perhaps tilted, would then three-bet preflop with 54, and then raise a $20,000 bet to $100,000 all in on a flop of 1023 chasing a draw. Suvarna and Tilly both had small pairs and the aggressive play convinced both players to fold.

Robl Sticks it to Sasson

Sasson brought some action during Episode 2, but only once did it work out for him. Late in the show, on a board of 106JJ7, he had a straight with 98 in the hole, but faced a $150,000 wager from the aggressive Robl, who had him beat with 77.

"I got a straight, I have to call," Sasson announced as he turned over his cards only to find out that he wasn't going to be winning the $363,100 pot.

Moments later, Sasson would put his last $10,000 in the middle with in a 60/40 spot against Suvarna, who would win the pot. It was just one of those days for him. On the final hand of the night, Pacheco's good fortune continued, flopping quads to take down a $250,000 pot against Tilly, who saved herself $100,000 on the river by folding to a bet with ace-high.

You can catch the full episode on PokerGO, along with future episodes, which air each Monday at 5 p.m. PT.

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