Don't Miss the PokerStars Sunday Million Season; Six-Week Festival Guarantes $19 Million

Don't Miss the PokerStars Sunday Million Season; Six-Week Festival Guarantes $19 Million

Trophies, badges, leaderboard prizes, ambassador events, and online poker tournament glory await PokerStars players as we enter Sunday Million Season.

From March 10 to April 21, PokerStars has expanded the celebration of the iconic online poker tournament with six weeks of tournaments consisting of 24 individual episodes.

The schedule is filled with special themed tournaments and boosted guarantees, allowing players to win special prestige badges, trophies, and tickets to major Sunday Million Season events.

Sunday Million Season Key Episodes

Three key episodes in the Sunday Million Season schedule combine for a whopping $10 million GTD, starting with the biggest of them all on April 7: The Sunday Million 18th Anniversary.

April 7: $215 Sunday Million 18th Anniversary - $8M GTD April 14: $11 Sunday Storm 13th Anniversary - $500K GTD April 21: $109 Sunday Million Season Finale - $1.5M GTD

From now until the Sunday Million Anniversary, any player who makes it to the final table in any Sunday Million Season event (up to $55 buy-in) will win a $215 ticket to the Sunday Million Anniversary.

Then, from April 7-21, all Sunday Million Season events up to $11 buy-in will award Sunday Million Season Finale tickets to each of their final tablists.

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There are also four separate leaderboards that players can compete for, offering $100k in tickets to the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). The three key episodes of the Sunday Million Anniversary, Sunday Storm Anniversary, and the Season Finale will all offer double points.

Ambassador Events

It wouldn't be a PokerStars event without their roster of Ambassadors getting in on the action. Four separate events take place from April 16-18 as Fintan Hand, Ben Spragg, Parker Talbot, and Rafael Moraes will all give their fans a chance to win a ticket to the Sunday Million Season Finale.

All they need to do is knock out the ambassador hosting the event to receive a $109 ticket to the $1.5m GTD event on April 21.

Trophy Events

And who doesn't like trophies? Five separate events will award trophies to the winner: The three editions of the Super Sunday on Sunday, March 17, as well as the Sunday Million 18th Anniversary, Sunday Storm 13th Anniversary, and the Sunday Million Season Finale.

There will also be a trophy for the Player of the Season.

How to Qualify for the Sunday Million Season

There are plenty of opportunities for players to win their way to the Sunday Million Season on PokerStars

Power Path: Special Silver and Gold Sunday Million Season ticket bundles will be available through Power Path. You can also use Power Path tickets to enter Sunday Million 18th Anniversary satellites.

Fast Track Satellites: Over $100,000 in Season Finale tickets will be up for grabs via Fast Track satellites, starting at just $1.10

Spin & Go's: Special edition Spin & Go satellites to the Sunday Million 18th Anniversary start from $0.60

Daily Freerolls: Win your way to the Sunday Million for free using the daily freeroll satellites

Sunday Million Season Full Schedule

Eight of the events come with three separate levels, with low, medium, and high buy-ins and guarantees indicated in the table below.

DateTime (ET)EpisodeBuy-in(s)Guarantee(s)
10-Mar09:05Episode #0: The Prologue$11/$55/$215$50k/$150k/$125k
10-Mar11:05Episode #1: Seasons Kick-Off$3.30/$33/$320$30k/$150k/$150k
10-Mar13:05Episode #2: Sunday Million$109$1m
17-Mar13:05Episode #3: Super Sunday$11/$109/$1,050$150k/$1m/$300k
18-Mar13:05Episode #4: Monday Mystery$11/$82/$215$100k/$175k/$175k
24-Mar13:05Episode #5: Sunday Million$109$1m
30-Mar10:30Episode #6: Bounty Bonanza - Mystery Bounty$5.50$40k
30-Mar12:30Episode #7: Bounty Bonanza$11$100k
30-Mar14:05Episode #8: Bounty Bonanza - Saturday KO$215$100k
30-Mar15:30Episode #9: Bounty Bonanza - Mystery Bounty$22$100k
31-Mar10:30Episode #10: Bounty Bonanza - Sunday Eliminator$27$150k
31-Mar12:05Episode #11: Bounty Bonanza - Mystery Bounty$5.50/$55/$530$50k/$200k/$150k
31-Mar13:05Episode #12: Sunday Million$109$1m
07-Apr13:05Episode #13: Sunday Million Anniversary$215$8m
08-Apr13:05Episode #14: Monday Mystery$11/$82/$215$100k/$175k/$175k
14-Apr13:05Episode #15: Sunday Million$109$1m
14-Apr14:05Episode #16: Sunday Storm Anniversary$11$500k
16-Apr13:05Episode #17: Ambassador Event - Fintan (PKO)$5.50$25k
17-Apr13:05Episode #18: Ambassador Event - Spraggy (MB)$11$70k
18-Apr13:05Episode #19: Ambassador Event - Parker (MB)$55$150k
18-Apr16:05Episode #20: Ambassador Event - Rafa (PKO)$5.50$20k
21-Apr13:05Episode #21: Sunday Million Season Finale$109$1.5m
21-Apr14:05Episode #22: Season Wrap-Up$5.50/$55/$530$50k/$200k/$200k
21-Apr16:05Episode #23: The Epilogue$11/$109/$1,050$100k/$150k/$300k


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