DSM09 Demolishes 888poker Mystery Bounty Main Event; Wins With Double Elimination

DSM09 Demolishes 888poker Mystery Bounty Main Event; Wins With Double Elimination

Sometimes, the stars align when you are playing in a poker tournament, and you can seemingly do nothing wrong. It seems that happened to Brazil's "DSM09" in the 888poker $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event. The Brazilian sat down second in chips at the eight-handed final table before eliminating six of their seven opponents and taking down the tournament with a thrilling double elimination! Here's how "DSM09" got the job done.

A field consisting of 814 unique players and 225 re-entries resulted in the $100,000 guarantee being surpassed by $3,900 and a first-place prize of almost $7,900.

Unlike in last week's XL Winter Series Main Event, the biggest mystery bounties were claimed before the eight-handed final table was decided. Brazilian duo "BrunoZika1" and "perrivini" both opened golden envelopes containing $3,000 mystery bounties.

Belarusian "Anne_Boleyn" was the unfortunate soul who busted the final table bubble, falling in ninth for $743 and change. However, it is challenging to feel sorry for the ninth-place finisher because they helped themselves to a trio of mystery bounties before busting, and one contained the $10,000 jackpot amount!

$100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChipsBig Blinds
5CurrDUnited Kingdom1,020,31817

The final table got underway with Ukraine's "DjonyDep345" holding a narrow chip lead over Brazilian "DSM09." Those two players held 160 big blinds of the 260 that were in play, so the ball was firmly in their court.

Conversely, Lithuania's "cunamis" and Ukraine's "BrokeDee" entered the mix with only eight and six blinds, respectively.

One of those short stacks, "BrokeDee," was the first player to hit the rail. Within the first four minutes of play, "BrokeDee" was down to 3.3 big blinds, and they went into the middle with pocket deuces from the cutoff. "DjonyDep345" isolated with a jam from the small blind with pocket nines, and those nines held on an ace-high board.

Twenty minutes later, the action folded to "DSM09" in the cutoff, and they min-raised with ace-eight. "CurrD," on the button, three-bet all-in for 4.1 big blinds with pocket sixes, and the original raise called. An eight on the flop resulted in "CurrD" bowing out in seventh.

Sixth place went to Brazil's "equalize1" after they lost a flip against "DSM09." After looking down at pocket jacks, "DSM09" min-raised before calling the 10.5 shove from "equalize1" made from the button with ace-king of diamonds. "equalize1" picked up a flush draw on the flop, but missed a plethora of outs on the turn and river, and they crashed out of the tournament.

The final five became four when Lithuania's "cunamis" ran out of steam. The Lithuanian sat down at the final table with only eight big blinds at their disposal, so navigating their way to fifth should be applauded. The "cunamis comeback ended at the hands of "DSM09". "cunamis" committed their last 7.1 big blinds with king-six of diamonds on the button only to run into the pocket queens in the hand of "DSM09." The queens never looked in danger, and the player count was reduced by one.

Amazingly, it took less than four minutes to go from the final four players to crowning the champion. "DSM09" min-raised with pocket kings under the gun and then instantly called the 10.5 shove from "BRabbitino" in the big blind. The all-in player revealed ace-queen, which failed to connect with any part of the jack-high board.

Play continued for a couple more minutes before a double elimination brought the curtain down on proceedings.

"Sanya_1212" decided to move all-in from the button with ace-seven for 5.6 big blinds, "DjonyDep345" called all-in with king-queen of diamonds, only for "DSM09" to continue their sun-run and wake up with a pair of jacks in the hole. "DSM09" called.

The all-diamond flop gave "DjonyDep345" an ace-high flush with a royal flush redraw, but "DSM09" had flopped a set so was not dead in the water. The turn put a second deuce on the board, improving "DSM09" to a full house, meaning the river had to be the ten of diamonds and only the ten of diamonds to keep the tournament going. The river was a diamond, but it was the six, busting both all-in players and crowning "DSM09" as the latest 888poker $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event champion.

$100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event Final Table Results

RankPlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize
7CurrDUnited Kingdom$1,485$1,288$2,773


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