Grassroots Poker Fans Do Not Want to Miss Out on APAT's European Championship of Amateur Poker

Grassroots Poker Fans Do Not Want to Miss Out on APAT's European Championship of Amateur Poker

As the grassroots poker community eagerly anticipates the APAT'sEuropean Championship of Amateur Poker (ECOAP), scheduled to take place from February 21 to 25, 2024, at Aspers Casino in London, players and enthusiasts alike are gearing up for five days of thrilling competition.

With a lineup of diverse events, including the highly anticipated Main Event, this poker extravaganza promises to deliver unforgettable moments and intense action at every turn (and river!).

European Championship of Amateur Poker Full Schedule

Wed 21 Feb-WEDNESDAY 8-Game Cash 3/6
Wed 21 Feb18:00120ECOAP 8-Game Championship (Day 1)
Wed 21 Feb19:00120ECOAP Bounty Championship
Thu 22 Feb-THURSDAY HORSE Cash 3/6
Thu 22 Feb17:00-120ECOAP 8-Game Championship (Day 2)
Thu 22 Feb18:00120ECOAP PLO Championship
Thu 22 Feb19:00120European Amateur Poker Championship (Day 1A)
Fri 23 Feb-FRIDAY 7-Card Stud Cash 3/6
Fri 23 Feb17:0070ECOAP ROE (NLHE/PLO) Championship
Fri 23 Feb18:0070ECOAP 7-Card Stud ROE (Stud/Razz) Championship
Fri 23 Feb19:00120European Amateur Poker Championship (Day 1B)
Fri 23 Feb22:0070NLHE Nightly
Sat 24 Feb-SATURDAY RAZZ Cash 3/6
Sat 24 Feb13:00120ECOAP PLO8 Championship
Sat 24 Feb15:0070ECOAP Shootout (NLHE) Championship
Sat 24 Feb18:0070ECOAP Win The Button Championship
Sat 24 Feb19:00120European Amateur Poker Championship (Day 1C)
Sat 24 Feb22:0070NLHE Nightly
Sun 25 Feb-SUNDAY 2-7 Triple Draw Cash 3/6
Sun 25 Feb14:00-European Amateur Poker Championship (Day 2)
Sun 25 Feb14:0070ECOAP 2-7 Triple Draw Championship
Sun 25 Feb15:0070ECOAP 8-Max NLHE Championship
Sun 25 Feb17:0070ECOAP Mini Main Championship
Sun 25 Feb20:0070NLHE Nightly

Main Event Highlights

The centerpiece of ECOAP is undoubtedly the European Amateur Poker Championship, a two-day No-Limit Hold'em Main Event. The tournament features two Day 1s, offering players the chance to take a shot at glory.

Day 2 kicks off either at the earliest Day 1 completion level or revets to where there is an average stack of 33 big blinds.

In addition to the Main Event, ECOAP offers a variety of Championship and Side events, each vying for the coveted APAT Championship Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals. When three-handed in the main event, the clock accelerates to a 20-minute level.

Cash Payouts and Pre-Registration

One notable feature of ECOAP is the immediate cash payouts for all event winners. Players can walk away with their winnings on the same day, adding to the overall player satisfaction. For those looking to secure their spot in advance, GGPoker provides a pre-registration option. Holding Tanks will be open until 6 pm on February 14th, allowing participants to guarantee their seats for specific events by paying the full buy-in in advance.

Navigating through the GGPoker Lobby, players can easily find ECOAP events by searching for the tournament name. The comprehensive schedule includes a variety of poker variants, from 8-Game Championship to Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) and more, catering to the diverse preferences of amateur poker enthusiasts.


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