Heading to APT Taipei 2024? Here's Where to Eat, Sleep, and Party!

Heading to APT Taipei 2024? Here's Where to Eat, Sleep, and Party!

The Taipei leg of the 2024 Asian Poker Tour (APT) runs from February 28 through March 10, and features over 100 tournaments and satellites for you to get your teeth into. The bustling schedule is so packed that APT Taipei 2024, in partnership with the Chinese Texas Hold'em Poker Club, takes place across two venues: the CPT Asia Poker Arena and the Chinese Mahjong League.

While you can leave the organizers to worry about how to accommodate thousands of poker players across the two venues, it is down to you to plan your trip, from where you sleep to where you eat and celebrate becoming an APT Taipei 2024 champion. Continue reading for a guide to APT Taipei 2024 once you've feasted your eyes on the schedule below.

APT Taipei 2024 Schedule

DateTimeEventBuy-in (TWD)Buy-in (USD)
Wed 28 Feb11:00 a.m.#1 APT National Cup Freeroll0$0
11:00 a.m.#2: PL Omaha Hi 5-Card 8-Max10,000$324
11:15 a.m.#3: Single Day High Roller Freezeout100,000$3,243
11:30 a.m.#4: APT National Cup Flight A: TWD 15M Gtd10,000$324
2:00 p.m.#5: Limit Triple Draw Lowball Mix8,000$259
7:00 p.m.#6: Satellite to National Cup2,000$65
7:00 p.m.#7: Turbo High Roller25,000$811
7:30 p.m.#8: Turbo PL Omaha6,000$195
9:30 p.m.#9: Hyper Turbo High Roller20,000$649
9:30 p.m.#10: Hyper Turbo8,000$259
9:45 p.m.#11: Hyper Turbo NL Single Draw 2-75,000$162
11:00 p.m.#12: Super Hyper Turbo5,000$162
Thu 29 Feb11:00 a.m.#13: Satellite to National Cup2,000$65
11:00 a.m.#14: PL Omaha Hi-Lo 5-Card10,000$324
11:15 a.m.#15: Single Day High Roller130,000$4,215
11:30 a.m.#4: APT National Cup Flight B: TWD 15M Gtd10,000$324
2:00 p.m.#16: Limit Triple Draw Mix8,000$259
6:30 p.m.#4: APT National Cup Flight C: TWD 15M Gtd10,000$324
7:00 p.m.#17: Turbo High Roller30,000$973
7:30 p.m.#18: Turbo NL Single Draw Mix6,000$195
9:00 p.m.APT All-Star Showdown30,000$973
9:30 p.m.#19: Hyper Turbo High Roller25,000$811
9:45 p.m.#20: Hyper Turbo NL Omaha5,000$162
10:00 p.m.#21: Tick Tock Boom!5,000$162
Fri 1 Mar11:00 a.m.#4: APT National Cup Flight D: TWD 15M Gtd10,000$324
11:00 a.m.#22: PL Omaha Mix 4/5/6 Card 7-Max10,000$324
11:15 a.m.#23: Superstar Challenge Single Re-Entry800,000$25,940
11:30 a.m.#24: Single Day High Roller100,000$3,243
2:00 p.m.#25: 8-Game8,000$259
6:30 p.m.#4: APT National Cup Flight E: TWD 15M Gtd10,000$324
7:00 p.m.#26: Satellite to APT Super High Roller50,000$1,621
7:30 p.m.#27: Turbo PL Omaha Hi-Lo 5-Card6,000$195
9:30 p.m.#28: Hyper Turbo High Roller20,000$649
9:30 p.m.#29: Hyper Turbo NL Single Draw Mix5,000$162
10:00 a.m.#30: Tick Tock BOOM! Super Hold'em5,000$162
Sat 2 Mar11:00 a.m.#31: Mystery Bounty Flight A: TWD 10M Gtd15,000$486
11:00 a.m.#32: PL Omaha 4/5/6 card 7-Max10,000$324
11:15 a.m.#4: APT National Cup Final Day
11:15 a.m.#23: Superstars Challenge Final Day
11:15 a.m.#33: APT Super High Roller Day 1300,000$9,728
2:00 p.m.#34: Limit Triple Draw 2-78,000$259
5:30 p.m.#31: Mystery Bounty Flight B: TWD 10M Gtd15,000$486
7:30 p.m.#35: Turbo NL Omaha Double Board6,000$195
9:30 p.m.#36: Hyper Turbo High Roller25,000$811
9:45 p.m.#37: Hyper Turbo NL Single Draw 2-75,000$162
10:00 p.m.#38: Tick Tock BOOM!8,000$259
Sun 3 Mar11:00 a.m.#39: APT Main Event Flight A: TWD 65M Gtd70,000$2,270
11:00 a.m.#40: 9 Game10,000$324
11:15 a.m.#31: Mystery Bounty Final Day
11:15 a.m.#33: APT Super High Roller Final Day
11:15 a.m.#41: Baby Superstars Challenge300,000$9,728
11:30 a.m.#42: Sunday Super Stack: TWD 2M Gtd30,000$973
6:00 p.m.#43: Satellite to APT Main Event15,000$486
7:00 p.m.#44: Turbo High Roller50,000$1,621
7:30 p.m.#45: Turbo NL Single Draw Mix7,000$227
9:30 p.m.#46: Hyper Turbo Double Board8,000$259
9:30 p.m.#47: Hyper Turbo High Roller30,000$972
9:45 p.m.#48: Hyper Turbo PL Omaha Hi6,000$195
11:00 p.m.#49: Super Hyper Turbo Win the Button5,000$162
Mon 4 Mar11:00 a.m.#39: APT Main Event Flight B: TWD 65M Gtd70,000$2,270
11:00 a.m.#50: PL Omaha Hi Lazy Rivers10,000$324
11:15 a.m.#51: Single Day High Roller Mystery Bounty150,000$4,864
11:30 a.m.#52: NL Hold'em Freezeout25,000$811
2:00 p.m.#53: Limit Triple Stud6,000$195
2:30 p.m.N8IN X APT Taipei 2004 Final Table
4:00 p.m.#45: Women's Event10,000$324
7:00 p.m.N8 Influencers Invitational Final Table
7:00 p.m.#55: Satellite to Triton Jeju GG Million$100,000$3,243
7:30 p.m.#56: Turbo NL Omaha Hi-Lo15,000$486
8:00 p.m.#57: Satellite to APT Main Event15,000$486
9:30 p.m.#58: Hyper Turbo High Roller20,000$649
9:30 p.m.#59: Hyper Turbo Deuces Wild10,000$324
9:45 p.m.#60: Hyper Turbo NL Single Draw Hi6,000$195
11:00 p.m.#61: Super Hyper Turbo8,000$259
Tue 5 Mar11:00 a.m.N8TW X APT Taipei 2024 Final Table
11:00 a.m.#39: APT Main Event Flight C: TWD 65M Gtd70,000$2,270
11:00 p.m.#62: PL Omaha Hi-Lo 5-Card10,000$324
11:15 a.m.#63: Single Day High Roller100,000$3,243
11:30 a.m.#64: NL Hold'em Single Re-Entry15,000$486
2:00 p.m.#65: Limit Triple Draw Mix6,000$195
4:00 p.m.#66: Women's Event5,000$162
4:30 p.m.N8HK X APT 2024 Taipei Final Table
6:00 p.m.#39: APT Main Event Flight D: TWD 65M Gtd70,000$2,270
7:00 p.m.#67: Turbo high Roller30,000$973
7:30 p.m.#68: Turbo NL 8-Game6,000$195
9:00 p.m.#69: Hyper Turbo Double Stack7,000$227
9:30 p.m.APT Thailand Exclusive
9:30 p.m.#70: Hyper Turbo High Roller25,000$811
9:45 p.m.#71: Hyper Turbo NL ROSE6,000$195
11:00 p.m.#72: Super Hyper Turbo Bomb Pot5,000$162
Wed 6 Mar11:00 a.m.#39: APT Main Event Day 270,000$2,270
11:00 a.m.#73: Satellite to Zodiac Classic10,000$324
4:00 p.m.#74: Single Day High Roller80,000$2,594
4:30 p.m.#75: NL Hold'em Shootout (100 cap)12,000$389
7:30 p.m.#76: Turbo PL Omaha Hi-Lo8,000$259
9:30 p.m.#77: Hyper Turbo High Roller20,000$649
9:30 p.m.#78: Hyper Turbo Crazy Pineapple8,000$259
9:45 p.m.#79: Hyper Turbo NL Single Draw A-55,000$162
11:00 p.m.#80: Super Hyper Turbo Super Hold'em5,000$162
Thu 7 Mar11:00 a.m.#81: NL Hold'em Heads-Up (32 cap)20,000$649
11:15 a.m.#39: APT Main Event Day 3
11:15 a.m.#82: PL Omaha Hi10,000$324
1:00 p.m.#83: Zodiac Classic Day 1: TWD 20M Gtd80,000$2,594
2:00 p.m.#84: 8-Game6,000$195
2:30 p.m.#85: NL Hold'em Teams Event10,000$324
7:45 p.m.#86: Turbo Double Styack12,000$389
9:30 p.m.#87: Hyper Turbo High Roller20,000$649
9:45 p.m.#88: Hyper Turbo NL Single Draw Mix5,000$162
10:00 p.m.APT Players Party
11:00 p.m.#89: Super Hyper Turbo5,000$162
Fri 8 mar11:00 a.m.#90: Double Stack Flight A: TWD 7M Gtd20,000$649
11:00 a.m.#91: Omaholic10,000$324
11:15 a.m.#39: APT Main Event Day 4
11:15 a.m.#83: Zodiac Classic Final Day
11:15 a.m.#92: Single Day High Roller110,000$3,567
2:00 p.m.#93: Limit ROSE6,000$195
5:30 p.m.#90: Double Stack Flight B: TWD 7M Gtd20,000$649
7:00 p.m.#94: Satellite to APT High Roller20,000$649
7:30 p.m.#95: Turbo NL Single Draw 2-77,000$227
9:30 p.m.#96: Hyper Turbo High Roller25,000$811
9:45 p.m.#97: Hyper Turbo PL Omaha Hi5,000$162
10:00 p.m.#98: Tick Tock BOOM!8,000$259
Sat 9 Mar11:00 a.m.#99: Mini Main Event Day 1: TWD 6M Gtd22,000$713
11:00 a.m.#100: Dealer's Choice 7-Max10,000$324
11:15 a.m.#39: APT Main Event Final Day
11:15 a.m.#90: Double Stack Final Day
11:15 a.m.#101: APT high Roller Day 1: TWD 11M Gtd150,000$4,864
7:00 p.m.#102: Turbo Double Stack13,000$422
9:30 p.m.#103: Hyper Turbo High Roller25,000$811
9:30 p.m.#104: Hyper Turbo8,000$259
9:45 p.m.#105: Hyper Turbo NL Single Draw Mix5,000$162
11:00 p.m.#106: Super Hyper Turbo5,000$162
Sun 10 Mar11:00 a.m.#107: Micro Main Event: TWD 1.5M Gtd11,000$357
11:00 a.m.#108: PL Omaha 5-Card Mix10,000$324
11:15 a.m.#99: Mini Main Event Final Day
11:15 a.m.#101: APT High Roller Final Day
11:15 a.m.#109: Last Chance High Roler100,000$3,243
12:00 p.m.#110: Turbo Short Deck Double Chance11,.000$357
1:00 p.m.#111: Limit Triple Draw Mix10,000$324
5:00 p.m.#112: Hyper Turbo7,000$227
5:30 p.m.#113: Hyper Turbo High Roller20,000$649

APT Taipei 2024 Location and How to Get There

The CTP Asia Poker Arena and Chinese Mahjong League are hosting the APT Taipei 2024 festival. Both are located in central Taipei, which is a 40-minute taxi ride from Taiwan's Taoyuan International Airport.

The easiest way to reach central Taipei is by pre-booking an airport pickup and dropoff via ATP's official travel partner, DK Poker Tour Bookings. A one-way trip costs around $42, with a return trip costing $84. It's worth noting that you'll receive a $20 or $30 discount if you book seven or ten day's accommodation through DK Poker Tour Bookings.

Alternatively, the Travel as Local (TAL) taxi service will happily take you to central Taipei for around $45.

The Airport Line (Express) train stops at the airport and will take you to Taipei Main Station in approximately 70 minutes. From Taipei Main Station, you can either take a short five-minute walk to Rear Station, where you can catch the #52 bus to Zhongshan Girls High School, which is nine stops (13 minutes) away.

The Beimen Station is also a five-minute walk from Taipei Main Station. From here, catch the Songshan-Xindian MRT for two stops to Songjiang Nanjing Station. The CTP Asia Poker Arena is a ten-minute walk once you get off the bus.

Where to Stay During APT Taipei 2024

You are spoiled for choice regarding where to stay while in Taipei. However, it is worth noting that most of the marquee event action is occurring at the CTP Asia Poker Arena in the heart of the Zhongzheng District, while mixed games and high rollers are playing out at the Chinese Mahjong League in the nearby Songshan District.

The APT recommends the following hotels:

NameAddressStarting Price per NightPackages From
CHECK InnNo. 16, Section 3, Nanjing E Road$110$785
Artree HotelSection 3, Bade Rd$860
Jiamei HotelNo. 12, Beiping E Rd$510
Erin HotelNo. 10, Lane 123, Songjiang Rd$460

Food and Drink in Taipei

Taipei has dozens of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines, including American BBQ, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, and Korean; you're sure to find something you like!

The APT has singled out a handful of eateries that are highly rated based on their Google reviews.

Baba Kevin's American Barbecue smokes all its meat in traditional Texas fashion, making it the perfect joint for meat lovers. You'll find this restaurant in Alley 8, Lane 303, Section 3 on Nanjing E Road in the Songshan District; getting there by cab takes eight-to-ten minutes from APT Taipei 2024's venues.

No. 128, Songjiang Road in the Zhongshan District, is where you will stumble upon the Yang Shin Vegetarian Restaurant. It offers a fusion of Western culinary concepts, local Taiwanese ingredients, Japanese cooking skills, and Chinese techniques as the chefs produce some incredible vegetarian cuisine.

Also in the Zhongshan District, at No. 1-1, SonJiang Road, is the Mayur Indian Kitchen Restaurant & Shisha Bar. Offering an Indian and Chinese menu, this restaurant also has vegan dishes available, plus a dedicated hookah shisha lounge.

Of course, there is also Japanese-style conveyor belt style sushi at the Sushi Express Yitong Restaurant in Section 2, Nanjing East Road, in Zhongshan District. Open 11:00 a.m. until 9:30 p.m., this eatery is perfect if you fancy a quick bite to eat.

Party in Taipei!

The highlight of the APT Taipei 2024 nightlife will be the APT Players Party on March 7, featuring music from DJ Lynne. However, if you fancy dancing the night away or enjoying your favorite tipple before then, you should head to HAKU Taipei, Triangle, the James Joyce Irish Bar, or soak up the latest sporting events at the Brass Monkey Taipei.


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