MikeyW94 Shines in the PokerNews Online Championship Deep Stack at 888poker

MikeyW94 Shines in the PokerNews Online Championship Deep Stack at 888poker

The fourth day of the $1 million guaranteed PokerNews Online Championship at 888poker saw a trio of champions crowned in the eagerly anticipated Deep Stack events.

Many online poker tournament players prefer Deep Stack events because the plentiful starting stacks and slower blind structure naturally allows the cream to rise to the top. The United Kingdom's "MikeyW94" is the $109 buy-in's cream, so to speak.

The $109 buy-in, $12,000 guaranteed Deep Stack drew in 129 entrants, ensuring the guarantee was surpassed by $2,900. Each of the nine 888poker players who reached the final table doubled their initial investment, but with first place a mere $1 less than $3,000, none of them wanted to take home the smaller prize.

Unfortunately, the nature of poker tournaments means someone has to bust first from a final table, and "Nomills" of Sweden was that player; the Swede collected $212 for their ninth-place finish.

"ingeruRO14" of Romania fell in eighth for $303, 888poker regular "WalnutPix" banked $407 after busting in seventh before "Paradigm21" of the UK saw their deep run end in a sixth-place finish worth $561.

Brazilian "vireiadulto7" crashed by the wayside in fifth for $779, which was the last three-figure prize awarded in this event. Estonia's "IKustov" got their hands on $1,108 after being eliminated in fourth, with "_WOLVES_" busting in third for $1,548, and sending this event into the heads-up stage.

"MikeyW94" and Danish grinder "fatjoint4" butted heads in the one-on-one battle of this event before something finally give. "fatjoint41" fell at the final hurdle and collected a $2,147 consolation prize, leaving the champion to pad their 888poker bankroll with the $2,999 top prize, plus the title of champion.

$12,000 PokerNews #16 Deep Stack Final Table Results

1MikeyW94United Kingdom$2,999
3_WOLVES_United Kingdom$1,548
6Paradigm21United Kingdom$561
7WalnutPixUnited Kingdom$407

Germany's "smoky011" Smokes the Opposition in the $8.80 Deep Stack Mini

Germany's "smoky011" clinched the title of $8.80 Deep Stack Mni champion and $927 of the $5,984 prize pool. A field of 748 entrants created a $5,984 prize pool, and "smoky011" raked in the lion's share.

The impressive turnout meant all but one of the nine finalists won three-figure prizes, with the top three finishers' payouts equalling more than 50 buy-ins, which gives them plenty of ammunition for the rest of the PokerNews Online Championship.

Those top three finishers hailed from Germany, as we already know, Argentina and Brazil. The trio became embroiled in a battle between Europe and South America.


Brazil's "niti569" was the first of that trio to find themselves unarmed, their lack of chips resulting in a third-place finish worth $496.

Nobody would have batted an eyelid if the heads-up duo struck a deal because the $252 difference in prizes was quite substantial for an $8.80 buy-in event. However, there was no deal, which meant "smoky011" scooped $927 when they came out on top, resigning Argentina's "Davikas" to console themselves with a $675 runner-up payment.

$5,000 PokerNews #14 Deep Stack Mini Final Table Results


"Motik_13" Get the Job Done in the Deep Stack Mid Event

Turkmenistan is not the first country that springs to mind when you think of online poker, but "Motik_13" put their country onto the poker map on February 28 after taking down the $33 buy-in Deep Stack. A field of 428 built a $12,840 prize pool, significantly more than the advertised $10,000 guarantee.

Fourth-place finisher "chrs108" won $901, narrowly missing out on a four-figure prize. The top three finishers each reeled in $1,233 or more; that is the sum Brazil's "suferweed" received after falling in third.

"Motik_13" defeated "FloatingLand" heads-up to become a PokerNews Online Championship champion, an accolade that came with $2,348 reasons to be happy. "FloatingLand" may have missed out on the glory of victory, but they now have an additional $1,702 in their 888poker account.

$10,000 PokerNews #15 Deep Stack Mid Final Table Results

7ID681United Kingdom$360

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PokerNews Online Championship Results So Far

Expand the table below to discover which 888poker players have excelled during the early stages of the inaugural PokerNews Online Championship.

EventBuy-inEntrantsPrize PoolChampionPrize
#1 Opening Event Mystery Bounty$111,733$17,330mAteus.dAne$1,931*
#2 Opening Event Mystery Bounty$55850$42,500brainiac1$4,334*
#3 Opening Event Mystery Bounty$1091,118$120,000yriy3$15,389*
#4 Opening Event Mystery Bounty$22795$15,900KovalevEvgen$1,827*
#5 Opening Event High Roller$52592$46,000dariotoma$11,334
#6 PKO Mini$111,111$11,110GemeValter$1,884*
#7 PKO Mid$33497$14,910jetskii$2,232*
#8 PKO$55283$14,150Sosiska$2,372*
#9 PKO$109169$16,900michel.mica$3,526*
#10 PKO 6-Max Mini$11928$10,000Fishmir$1,323*
#11 PKO 6-Max High Roller$32058$17,400ingeruRO14$5,690*
#12 PKO 6-Max Mid$55262$13,100888BIDO$3,068*
#13 PKO 6-Max$109135$13,500algsxr$3,231*
#14 Deep Stack Mini$8.80748$5,984smoky011$927
#15 Deep Stack Mid$33428$12,840Motik_13
#16 Deep Stack$109129$12,900MikeyW94

*includes bounty payments

Remaining PokerNews Online Championship Schedule

Day 5 of the PokerNews Online Championship sees four more tournaments take place. Three are Super KO, where the bounty amounts remain the same throughout the event, while the fourth is an exciting, progressive knockout running as a SNAP format, 888poker's fast-fold offering.

The Super KO events come with buy-ins of $11, $109, and $320, and the fixed bounties for those events are worth $5, $50, and $150, respectively.

Head to the 888poker tournament lobby, click the PokerNews Series filter, and you'll find some more Main Event and Mini Main Event flights waiting for you to enter. Play a Day 1 of the $25 buy-in, $50,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Mini Main Event at 2:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 10:00 p.m. GMT.

Flights for the $215 buy-in, $300,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Main Event shuffle up and deal at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. GMT. Good luck!

DateTime (GMT)EventBuy-inGuarantee
Thu 29 Feb5:00 p.m.PokerNews 17 Super KO Mini$11$10,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #18 Super KO High Roller$320$15,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #19 Super KO$109$15,000
7:30 p.m.PokerNews #20 SNAP PKO$16.50$2,000
Fri 1 Mar5:00 p.m.PokerNews #21 Mystery Bounty 6-Max Mini$11$10,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #22 Mystery Bounty 6-Max Micro$5.50$5,000
6:30 p.m.PokerNews #23 Mystery Bounty 6-Max Mid$22$10,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #24 Mystery Bounty 6-Max$109$12,000
7:30 p.m.PokerNews #25 Cut to the Chase$11$2,000
Sat 2 Mar5:00 p.m.PokerNews #26 Deep Stack PKO Mini$11$10,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #27 Deep Stack PKO Mid$55$12,000
6:30 p.m.PokerNews #28 PLO Mystery Bounty$11$2,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #29 Deep Stack PKO$109$12,000
Sun 3 Mar5:00 p.m.PokerNews #30 Mystery Bounty Mini$11$12,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #31 Mystery Bounty$55$40,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #32 Mystery Bounty Mid$22$15,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #33 The PKO Rumble$109$50,000
7:30 p.m.PokerNews #34 The PKO Rumble High Roller$525$50,000
Mon 4 Mar5:00 p.m.PokerNews #35 Big Shot Mini$16.50$10,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #36 Big Shot Mid$55$12,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #37 Big Shot$109$12,000
9:00 p.m.PokerNews #38 Mystery Bounty Mini Main Event Day 2$25$50,000
9:00 p.m.PokerNews #39 Mystery Bounty Main Event Day 2$215$300,000
Tue 5 Mar5:00 p.m.PokerNews #40 Closing Event PKO Mini$11$10,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #41 Closing Event PKO High Roller$320$15,000
6:30 p.m.PokerNews #42 Closing Event PKO Mid$55$12,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #43 Closing Event PKO$109$12,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #39 Main Event Final Table


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