Mouhib & Larson Among Venetian 2024 DeepStack Showdown January Winners

Mouhib & Larson Among Venetian 2024 DeepStack Showdown January Winners

The 2024 January DeepStack Showdown series kicked off on January 18 at Venetian Las Vegas and wrapped up back on January 28.

The 33-event series catered to a combined 3,310 entrants and awarded $932,117 in prize money. Among those to claim titles were Daniyal Gheba (Event #7: $300 NLH Ultimate Stack for $29,354), Matthew Land (Event #19: $300 NLH Ultimate Stack for $7,056), and Bryan Allen (Event #29: $600 NLH Ultimate Stack for $35,000).

Heres a look at a couple of other big winners from the January 2024 DeepStack Showdown.

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Zakariya Mouhib Wins Ultimate Stack Trophy

On January 23, Event #21: $400 NLH Ultimate Stack saw 318 entrants create a $104,940 prize pool, which was distributed to the top 41 finishers. Among those to cash the tournament were Daniel Sprung (27th - $888), Yves Farges (19th - $1,015), Cynthia Sharp (16th - $1,183), Peter Hengsakul (10th - $1,701), and Christopher Hull (4th - $7,760).

After Joshua Suyat exited in third place for $10,604, the title came down to Zakariya Mouhib and Asa Goldstein. The former ultimately prevailed in their heads-up match to claim the trophy and $20,790 first-place prize.

Event #21 Final Table Results

1Zakariya MouhibLas Vegas, NV$20,790
2Asa GoldsteinSeattle, WA$14,729
3Josh SuyatLas Vegas, NV$10,604
4Christopher HullVancouver, WA$7,760
5Todd WilsonMesquite, NV$5,772
6Edward Holstein Jr.Las Vegas, NV$4,367
7Gautam LillaneyJamaica$3,360
8Eric PideritHallandale Beach, FL$2,631
9Jason GanderUnited Kingdom$2,096

David Larson Does It Again

On January 23, Event #25: $400 NLH Epic Stack had 78 entrants generate a $25,974 prize pool. Only the top 10 finishers made the money including some familiar faces in Louise Francoeur (8th - $1,004), Jeremy Becker (5th - $1,847), and Mehdi Saleh (4th - $2,480).

Ultimately, it was David Larson defeating Davie Yue in heads-up play to win another Venetian title and a $7,709 first-place prize. Larson, a 10-time WSOP Circuit gold ring winner, previously won the December 2023 Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza IV Event #36: $600 NLH Epic Stack for $22,446.

Event #25 Final Table Results

1David LarsonLas Vegas, NV$7,709
2Davie YueMurfreesboro, TN$5,077
3Dustin LeeLas Vegas, NV$3,477
4Mehdi SalehLake Elsinore, CA$2,480
5Jeremy BeckerTampa, FL$1,847
6Landon BrownKent, WA$1,438
7Anthony AskeyRiverview, FL$1,173
8Louise FrancoeurLas Vegas, NV$1,004
9Samy DighlawiTemecula, CA$906

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2024 DeepStack Showdown January Winners

DateTournamentEntriesPrize PoolOverlayWinnerHometownPrize
1/8/24Event #1: $400 NLH Seniors92$30,820$0Christopher StevensOjai, CA$8,742
1/8/24Event #2: $200 NLH Bounty46$7,360$0James FrazierMadison, IN$1,464
1/9/24Event #3: $300 NLH Ultimate Stack36$15,000$6,252Robert MantinBoca Raton, FL$4,535
1/9/24Event #4: $200 NLH Bounty52$8,320$0Navjot GulatiLevittown, NY$1,017
1/10/24Event #5: $400 NLH Epic Stack69$22,977$0Samy DighlawiTemecula, CA$3,974
1/10/24Event #6: $200 NLH Bounty56$8,960$0Pablo Del CocoWestin, FL$1,196
1/15/24Event #7: $300 NLH Ultimate Stack796$191,040$0Daniyal GhebaLas Vegas, NV$29,354
1/11/24Event #8: $200 NLH Bounty69$11,040$0Saro DiashianGranada Hills, CA$2,126
1/12/24Event #9: $200 NLH Bounty53$8,480$0Mark ScheweCanada$1,362
1/13/24Event #10: $300 Big O45$11,025$0Daniel AntonLas Vegas, NV$2,255
1/15/24Event #11: $300 NLH Ultimate Stack84$20,412$0Daniel KirnerSt. Louis, MO$3,413
1/15/24Event #12: $200 NLH Bounty36$5,760$0Jack HammackDover, ID$1,446
1/16/24Event #13: $300 NLH Ultimate Stack74$17,982$0Landon BrownKent, WA$5,339
1/16/24Event #14: $200 NLH Bounty38$6,080$0Richard TumulakHighland Ranch, CO$1,251
1/17/24Event #15: $300 NLH Ultimate Stack76$18,468$0William PicardFrance$4,547
1/17/24Event #16: $200 NLH Bounty39$6,240$0Nir AloushePortugal$1,372
1/18/24Event #17: $400 NLH Epic Bounty127$42,291$0Emmanuel MarianakisWest Hollywood, CA$6,136
1/18/24Event #18: $200 NLH Bounty67$10,720$0Konstantinos KotsarisGreece$2,057
1/19/24Event #19: $300 NLH Ultimate Stack136$33,048$0Matthew LandLas Vegas, NV$7,056
1/19/24Event #20: $200 NLH Bounty55$8,800$0Zhihao CaoBellevue, WA$1,561
1/23/24Event #21: $400 NLH Ultimate Stack318$104,940$0Zakariya MouhibLas Vegas, NV$20,790
1/20/24Event #22: $300 Big O39$9,555$0Grantel GibbsLas Vegas, NV$3,215
1/21/24Event #23: $200 NLH Bounty38$6,080$0Brian SchererEscanaba, MI$1,288
1/22/24Event #24: $200 NLH Bounty26$5,000$840Jacob NobleNorwood, NC$1,448
1/23/24Event #25: $400 NLH Epic Stack78$25,974$0David LarsonLas Vegas, NV$7,709
1/23/24Event #26: $200 NLH Bounty25$5,000$1,0005 winnersN/A$750
1/24/24Event #27: $400 NLH Epic Bounty85$28,305$0Jared SmithRed Bluff, CA$3,241
1/24/24Event #28: $200 NLH Bounty27$5,000$680Marquis WatersLas Vegas, NV$1,150
1/28/24Event #29: $600 NLH Ultimate Stack420$212,100$0Bryan AllenMesa, AZ$35,000
1/25/24Event #30: $200 NLH Bounty53$8,480$0Manish MadanAlpharetta, GA$1,453
1/26/24Event #31: $300 Limit Omaha 8/B52$12,740$0Thomas LarsonMcVille, MD$4,204
1/28/24Event #32: $300 NLH Ultimate Stack46$15,000$3,822Brett BeckLas Vegas, NV$5,182
1/28/24Event #33: $200 NLH Bounty57$9,120$0Jose CasasSpain$1,674

Whats Coming Up Next?

The next series is already underway at the Venetian. The DeepStack Extravaganza I, which kicked off back on January 29, offers nearly $1.5 million in guarantee prize pools through February 18. Among the highlights are the $1,100 NLH MSPT Mystery Bounty Poker Bowl $200K GTD from February 6-8; $1,600 NLH MSPT Poker Bowl $300K GTD from February 8-10; and the 2024 $1,600 NLH Card Player Poker Tour $400K GTD from February 15-18.

Click here to view the entire schedule.


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