Over $1M Guaranteed During the Inaugural PokerNews Online Championship by 888poker

Over $1M Guaranteed During the Inaugural PokerNews Online Championship by 888poker

PokerNews and 888poker have come together to bring you the first-ever PokerNews Online Championship, a week-long poker tournament festival boasting combined guaranteed prize pool in excess of $1 million.

The inaugural festival between two of poker's most recognizable brands runs from February 25 through March 5, during which time more than 40 888poker players will become champions of this incredible game.

Much thought has gone into devising the PokerNews Online Championship schedule, ensuring there is a wide range of buy-ins, chunky guarantees, and a variety of formats to put every player to the test.

Buy-ins start at $5.50, increase to $525, and have everything else between those two extremes. Each and every one of the 43 numbered events' prize pool is guaranteed, with those guarantees ranging from $2,000 up to a whopping $300,000.

PokerNews Online Championship players will go to battle in mystery bounties, PKO, Deep Stacks, short-handed tournaments, and some other novel events. For example, there is a Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) Mystery Bounty for players to get their teeth into, a SNAP PKO event, and the tournament billed as "Cut to the Chase," where the blind levels start as a turbo and gradually slow down as the tournament reaches its business end, which is when most players want more breathing room!

Two Massive PokerNews Online Championship Main Events

While all 43 scheduled events have poker players tingling with anticipation, two PokerNews Online Championship tournaments stand head and shoulders above the rest: the Main Events.

Both PokerNews Online Championship Main Events have multiple Day 1s from February 25 up to and including March 4, when Day 2 takes place. Both are played as a mystery bounty format. The Mystery Bounty Mini Main Event comes with an affordable $25 buy-in yet boasts a $50,000 guaranteed prize pool. The Mystery Bounty Main Event commands a $215 buy-in, unless you win your way in via the plethora of satellites, and guarantees to pay out not a cent less than $300,000!

Adding more prestige to the $215 buy-in, $300,000 guaranteed Mystery Bounty Main Event is the fact PokerNews' live reporting team will be on hand and providing updates from Day 2 and the final table, while 888poker's excellent Twitch team will stream the final table and provide cards-up coverage.

The worthy champion of the $300,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event will not only win a bankroll-boosting cash prize and forever be known as our first true champion but will also walk away with a commemorative winner's trophy.

PokerNews Online Championship Schedule

DateTime (GMT)EventBuy-inGuarantee
Sun 25 Feb5:00 p.m.PokerNews #1 Opening Event Mystery Bounty 11$11$12,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #2 Opening Event Mystery Bounty 55$55$40,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #3 Opening Event Mystery Bounty$109$120,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #4 Opening Event Mystery Bounty 22$22$15,000
7:30 p.m.PokerNews #5 Opening Event High Roller$525$50,000
Mon 26 Feb5:00 p.m.PokerNews #6 PKO Mini$11$10,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #7 PKO High Roller$215$10,000
6:30 p.m.PokerNews #8 PKO Mid$55$12,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #9 PKO$109$12,000
Tue 27 Feb5:00 p.m.PokerNews #10 PKO 6-Max Mini$11$10,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #11 PKO 6-Max High Roller$320$15,000
6:30 p.m.PokerNews #12 PKO 6-Max Mid$55$12,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #13 PKO 6-Max$109$12,000
Wed 28 Feb5:00 p.m.PokerNews #14 Deep Stack Mini$8.80$5,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #15 Deep Stack Mid$33$10,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #16 Deep Stack$109$12,000
Thu 29 Feb5:00 p.m.PokerNews #17 Super KO Mini$11$10,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #18 Super KO High Roller$320$15,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #19 Super KO$109$15,000
7:30 p.m.PokerNews #20 SNAP PKO$16.50$2,000
Fri 1 Mar5:00 p.m.PokerNews #21 Mystery Bounty 6-Max Mini$11$10,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #22 Mystery Bounty 6-Max Micro$5.50$5,000
6:30 p.m.PokerNews #23 Mystery Bounty 6-Max Mid$22$10,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #24 Mystery Bounty 6-Max$109$12,000
7:30 p.m.PokerNews #25 Cut to the Chase$11$2,000
Sat 2 Mar5:00 p.m.PokerNews #26 Deep Stack PKO Mini$11$10,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #27 Deep Stack PKO Mid$55$12,000
6:30 p.m.PokerNews #28 PLO Mystery Bounty$11$2,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #29 Deep Stack PKO$109$12,000
Sun 3 Mar5:00 p.m.PokerNews #30 Mystery Bounty Mini$11$12,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #31 Mystery Bounty$55$40,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #32 Mystery Bounty Mid$22$15,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #33 The PKO Rumble$109$50,000
7:30 p.m.PokerNews #34 The PKO Rumble High Roller$525$50,000
Mon 4 Mar5:00 p.m.PokerNews #35 Big Shot Mini$16.50$10,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #36 Big Shot Mid$55$12,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #37 Big Shot$109$12,000
9:00 p.m.PokerNews #38 Mystery Bounty Mini Main Event Day 2$25$50,000
9:00 p.m.PokerNews #39 Mystery Bounty Main Event Day 2$215$300,000
Tue 5 Mar5:00 p.m.PokerNews #40 Closing Event PKO Mini$11$10,000
6:00 p.m.PokerNews #41 Closing Event PKO High Roller$320$15,000
6:30 p.m.PokerNews #42 Closing Event PKO Mid$55$12,000
7:00 p.m.PokerNews #43 Closing Event PKO$109$12,000
7:00 p.m.pokerNews #39 Main Event Final Table

Giveaways Aplenty

Now is the time to follow PokerNews and 888poker across all available social media and Discord channels because we are planning to give away a proverbial boatload of PokerNews Online Championship tickets and goodies.

PokerNews ambassador Lukas "RobinPoker" Robinson, and the army of 888poker ambassadors, including Vivian Saliba, Alexandre Mantovani, Ian Simpson, Lucia Navvaro, Ricardo "Mat3usPT" Mateus, Josh "joshmanleypoker" Manley, Jordan "jordanbafield_" Bafield, Nick "eastyyy22" Eastwood, Andrei "AndreiCoz" Cosmin, Aaron "abarone68" Barone, and Leo "leojokura" Jokura will be out in force during the PokerNews Online Championship, playing events and letting you know how to get your hands on some free tickets.

See Your Name on PokerNews' Pages

PokerNews is recapping the action every day throughout the PokerNews Online Championship, so you will find your 888poker alias displayed on our famous pages if you navigate your way to a final table or emerge victorious in any of he 43 numbered events! Now is your time to shine!


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