Rufusftw & 1street Win Global Poker Grizzly Games VII Main Events

Rufusftw & 1street Win Global Poker Grizzly Games VII Main Events

Throughout the month of February, Global Poker ran the Grizzly Games VII series consisting of hundreds of Gold and Sweeps Coin trophy events and millions in GC and SC guarantees.

PokerNews highlighted some early winners in the series, including "K-DOG", "Drewman2" and Team PokerNews streamer Kyle "KAA17" Anderson.

Two of the strongest-performing players of the Grizzly Games VII series, which ran Jan. 29-Feb. 18, were "aLLnutZ81" and "flush634", who respectively ended atop the Gold Coin and Sweeps Coin Leaderboards.

"aLLnutZ81" topped the Gold Coin Leaderboard with 6,346.03 points, ahead of "Letmedonkyoualil" (2nd - 5,518.67 points) and "FlushMe2Tears" (3rd - 4,945.61 points. Meanwhile, "flush634" came out on top of the Sweeps Coin Leaderboard with 1,996.79 points, ahead of "MenaceABQ" (2nd - 1,973.50 points) and "FlushMe2Tears", who once again found a third-place leaderboard finish with 1,820.52 points.

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"Rufusftw" & "1street" Win Grizzly Games Main Events

The Grizzly Games series culminated with two Main Events, including the GC Main Event, which drew 221 runners competing for a piece of the GC 40 million guaranteed prize pool.

"Rufusftw" defeated heads-up opponent "WisdomX" to win the top prize of GC 8,160,000 and the trophy, while the runner-up walked away with 6,000,000. Others at the final table in the GC Main Event included "Khal Boa" (3rd - GC 4,520,000), "Bingoray" (4th - GC 3,400,000) and "PHPROPHET" (5th - GC 2,320,000).

Global Poker Grizzly Games VII GC Main Event Final Table Results

3"Khal Boa"4,520,000

Meanwhile, the SC Main Event drew 1,143 players looking for some of the SC 200,000 guaranteed prize pool as "1street" defeated "VegasGrinder23" for SC 33,300 and the trophy.

The final table also featured the likes of "1point21Gigawatts" (3rd - SC 18,400), "Irishman53" (4th - SC 13,600) and "Cote De Boeuf" (5th - SC 9,800).

Global Poker Grizzly Games VII SC Main Event Final Table Results

5"Cote De Boeuf"9,800
6"Stinky Puster"7,800

There were plenty of other winners across the 21 days of poker action in the Grizzly Games series.

Other players who picked up trophies include "KingSize42" (GPC Grizzly 30-M: MLHE GC 8,000,000 Guaranteed 2x-Chance, 6-Max - GC 1,968,915), "Professor5m0AK" (GPC Grizzly 28-L: NLHE SC 8,000 Guaranteed Deep - SC 1,606.53) and "NuttedJoe" (GPC Grizzly 26-M: PLO SC 15,000 Guaranteed 2R1A, 6-Max - SC 3,708.15).


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