The Edinburgh Job: Michael Kane Takes Down Latest 888poker UKPL Main Event

The Edinburgh Job: Michael Kane Takes Down Latest 888poker UKPL Main Event

Michael Kane ensured the 888poker UK Poker League (UKPL) Edinburgh Main Event trophy remained in bonny Scotland by outlasting 310 opponents at the Grosvenor Maybury Casino. Kane came out on top after a three-way deal that resulted in 25,208 of the 147,730 prize pool hitting his bank account.

Kane has a penchant for going deep in Edinburgh-based live events. In 2014, he finished seventh in the PokerStars UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event for 15,570. At the 2019 GUKPT Edinburgh Main Event, Kane finished second for 27,860. He finished second in a 250 NLHE event in February 2022 for another 18,165. Now Kane has got the job done on home soil and walked away victoriously.

Forty-nine of the 311 starters navigated their way through to Day 2, with each of those players receiving at least 840 for their efforts. Matthew Davenport was one of the first Main Event players to cash; Davenport would later take down the 200 Closer for 3,660.

Others who reached the money places but fell short of a final table appearance included Robbie Bull and Colin Gillon.

888poker UKPL Edinburgh Main Event 2024 Final Table Results

1Michael Kane25,208*
2Helder Casacasena24,866*
3Tom Laghzaoui21,965*
4George Wyatt10,490
5Paul McTaggart7,090
6Paddy Doonan5,020
7Roddy MacNeil3,990
8Paulo Santos3,470
9Chris Johnstone2,960

*reflects a three-handed deal

Chris Johnstone was the first player eliminated from the final table, committing the last of his stack with ace-ten and finding himself in terrible shape against the pocket kings of Roddy MacNeil. Although disappointed to bust in ninth, Johnstone colected 2,960 in prize money, his first four-figure score.

An absolutely bonkers hand resulted in Paulo Santos bowing out in eighth for 3,470 and Kane soaring into the chip lead. Santos five-bet shoved for 50 big blinds with pocket eights, and Kane wasted no time in snap-calling with ace-king of spades. An ace on the flop blew more than the bloody doors off, and Santos was gone.

Kane then helped himself to MacNeil's last 16 big blinds after MacNeil got his chips into the middle with pocket sixes, which couldn't hold against Kane's ace-queen. MacNeil collected 3,990 for his seventh-place finish.

Sixth place and 5,020 went to Paddy Doonan, who busted in a cooler hand against George Wyatt. A battle of the blinds saw them go to a nine-seven-five flop, and all the chips went in. Doonan had flopped two pair with seven-five, but Wyatt had him in a world of pain, having also made two pair with his nine-seven. No help arrived for Doonan, and he headed to the cashier's desk.

Popular pro Paul McTaggart was the next player to find themselves void of chips. McTaggart was the shortest stack with four players remaining but played that short-stack well. Eventually, he jammed with ace-eight of diamonds, and Kane looked him up with king-deuce. A double-up looked likely for McTaggart, but the poker gods had other ideas, gifting Kane the most unlikely of runner-runner six-high straights. McTaggart headed into the night with 7,090 in tow.

Wyatt was next to fall, his fourth-place finish coming with 10,490, his first five-figure haul from a live event. Wyatt committed his last 12 big blinds from the small blind with queen-eight, and Helder Casacasena called from the big blind with ace-deuce. An ace on the flop proved more than enough to relieve Wyatt of his chips.

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The final three players struck a deal that left only the trophy and title of champion to play for. Tom Laghzaoui, fresh from his runner-up finish in the GUKPT Manchester Main Event at the start of February, crashed out in third, his ace-seven losing to Kane's queens. Laghzaoui has now won almost 100,000 in February alone.

The 888poker UKPL Main Event crowned its champion shortly after Laghzaoui's demise. Casacasena got his stack in with ace-seven only for Kane to wake up with the dominating ace-king. No seven on the board meant Casacasena was gone, and Kane was the Main Event champion.

Other 888poker UKPL Edinburgh Results

Bill Henderson and Barrie Greenan were the two players outside of the Main Event that saw 10,000+ prizes land in their bank accounts. Henderson clinched the 1,100 High Roller title, outlasting 56 opponents on his way to banking 13,620. Greenan was the 250 NLHE Opening Voyage champion, 11,118 was Greenan's reward to coming out on top of a 277-strong field.

560 NLHE Main Event311Michael Kane25,208
1,100 High Roller57Bill Henderson13,620
250 NLHE Opening Voyage277Barrie Greenan11,118
200 NLHE Closer86Matt Davenport3,660
150 Seniors89Brian O'Connor2,410
150 PLO 4/5/6 Card54Jacques Nadler1,400

Upcoming 888poker UKPL Stops

There is not long to wait before the next 888poker UKPL stop gets underway. March 5-10 is when the 888poker UKPL Luton festival takes place. Luton is a hotbed of poker action, with dozens of superstar players having taken down prestigious tournaments there. Will you add your name to the list of champions? Qualify for the Luton Main Event for pennies online at 888poker.

DatesUKPL Festival
March 5-10Grosvenor Casino Luton
April 16-21Grosvenor Casino Manchester Bury New Road
August 27-September 1Grosvenor Casino Leeds Westgate
September 24-29Grosvenor Casino Victoria, London
October 10-21Grosvenor Casino Coventry


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