Will Travis Kelce Propose to Taylor Swift? The Weirdest Super Bowl Prop Bets You Can Make

Will Travis Kelce Propose to Taylor Swift? The Weirdest Super Bowl Prop Bets You Can Make

Super Bowl Sunday is all about the football, the partying, the food ... and the gambling. Billions of dollars are wagered on the NFL's championship game annually, and not just on the point spread or the over/under.

There are hundreds of various wagers available at certain online sportsbooks or local gambling establishments. You can bet on the color of the Gatorade used to douse the winning coach after the game, the outcome of the pregame coin toss, and a new one for 2024 involving America's most polarizing and popular couple Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (see below).

Will Tight End Pop the Question?

A part of the 2023 NFL season story line has been on the newly established relationship between the pop star Swift and Kelce, an all-pro tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. While many football fans have been triggered over seeing Swift cheering on TV during Chiefs games, her millions of fans ("Swifties") are certainly enjoying the sideshow.

The award-winning pop sensation is expected to be at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on Sunday when the Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII, and FanDuel Canada is offering up a strange prop bet related to the couple that seems unlikely to come through will Kelce propose to his girlfriend after winning?

This, of course, requires the underdog Chiefs (+2) to win the game, and then for the unlikely scenario that Kelce pops the question. A "No" bet is favored at -3000, while a "Yes" wager is a heavy underdog at +1060.

If you're looking for some other Taylor Swift prop bets at a sportsbook in Las Vegas, however, you won't find them, and BetMGM Sportsbook's senior trader Tristan Davis explained the reason to the New York Post.

The general rule of thumb for creating prop bets is that they need to be determined by action on the field and the result shown in the box score, Davis said.

More Than Two Players Attempt a Pass

Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs) and Brock Purdy (Niners) will undoubtedly, barring injury, take every or almost every snap on Sunday. They are two of the best quarterbacks in the league, and it's rare for any starting QB to get pulled from the game during a Super Bowl.

But the odds say there's a chance that at least one pass will be made by someone other than Purdy or Mahomes. It could be the punter on a fake punt, a wide receiver on a WR pass, or the backup quarterback. It doesn't matter to the bettor who it is, so long as at least one pass in the game is made by anyone but the starting quarterbacks.

If you're considering this wager, it should be noted that Mahomes has thrown all 101 passes for the Chiefs during the playoffs, and Purdy's the only one to throw a pass in 70 attempts for San Francisco. But this is the Super Bowl, and both coaches Andy Reid (KC) and Kyle Shanahan (SF) are creative offensively, so maybe one of them will bust out the double reverse WR pass or some other exotic play. Or, perhaps the game will be out of reach in the fourth quarter and Reid will give some reps to Blaine Gabbert, the backup quarterback.


If you aren't familiar with Scorigami, it's a term that refers to any score in the NFL that's never occurred. In American football, there are two scores that could never occur, and they are 1-0 or 1-1, given that a 2-point safety is the lowest possible scoring play. But there are still many final scores that have never occurred.

According to the NFL Scorigami website, there are hundreds of Scorigami possibilities that remain. Will one of those Scorigami's hit on Super Bowl Sunday? There's a chance, and you can bet on it. According to FanDuel, the odds on hitting a Scorigami is +2500, and -10000 against it happening. Entering Sunday's big game, over 1,000 different final scores have occurred in NFL history.

Will Reba McEntire Screw Up the National Anthem?

The national anthem kickstarts every NFL game, and there's some pressure on the singer to perform the song well or be mocked relentlessly for years to come (we're looking at you, Carl Lewis). This is especially true on Super Bowl Sunday with millions of eyeballs tuned in.

Country music singer Reba McEntire will do the honors this year. The 68-year-old celebrity is talented and has many years of experience singing in front of large audiences. But there's always that slim possibility even a pro's pro like Reba will botch the Star Spangled Banner, but don't bet on it. Well, actually, do bet on it if you think the +900 odds that she'll forget at least one word are reasonable.

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