Will the GUKPT Goliath Continue Breaking Records in 2024? Full Schedule Released

Will the GUKPT Goliath Continue Breaking Records in 2024? Full Schedule Released

The Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) has unveiled the full schedule for the 2024 edition of the ever-popular Goliath tournament and the accompanying series. The 2024 Goliath takes place at the Grosvenor G Casino in Coventry from July 25 through August 4, with the organizers hopeful the low-stakes phenomenon will continue its trend of breaking its attendance record year on year.

The Goliath has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2011. A field of 1,765 players turned out for the inaugural Goliath, an impressive turn-out in its own right. By 2016, more than 5,000 players bought in, with a staggering 9,300-strong crowd fighting it out in 2019.

The COVID-19 pandemic put the brakes on Goliath's march towards 10,000 entries, forcing the long-running tournament online. Despite being restricted to the world of online poker, the 2002 Goliath attracted 2,013 runners, with the 2021 edition seeing over 700 more players enter the fray.

Live poker enjoyed a surge in popularity once the government lifted the various lockdowns, and the 2022 Goliath became the first live event in the United Kingdom to boast more than 10,000 entrants.

Some people said 10,584 buy-ins would not be beaten, but those people were wrong because 11,493 players turned out in force for the 2023 edition, creating a 1,324,000 prize pool as a result!

2024 Goliath Main Event Dates

The 2024 Goliath Main Event features eight flights, including a turbo-structured Flight H. Players start their quest for glory with 25,000 chips and can purchase unlimited re-entries up to the end of the 12th level. Each flight lasts 18 levels, except the turbo, which continued until only 10% of the field remains.

Day 2's plan is to complete 16 levels or play to the final four tables, with Day 3 playing to a conclusion.

This year's Goliath Main Event has gone from a 150 buy-in (120+30) to a 200 buy-in affair (160+40), which hasn't sat well with some of the Goliath fraternity, but it still represents colossal value when you consider first place is likely to approach 200,000.

Sat 27 Jul12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight A18x 30-mins
Sun 28 Jul12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight B18x 30-mins
Mon 29 Jul12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight C18x 30-mins
Tue 30 Jul12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight D18x 30-mins
Wed 31 Jul12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight E18x 30-mins
Thu 1 Aug12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight F18x 30-mins
Fri 2 Aug11:00 a.m.Goliath Flight G18x 30-mins
6:00 p.m.Goliath Flight H Turbo15-mins
Sat 3 Aug11:00 a.m.Goliath Day 240-mins
Sun 4 Aug11:00 a.m.Goliath Day 340-mins

Past Goliath Champions

Lee Rawson slayed the first Goliath all the way back in 2011. Rawson outlasted 1,764 opponents on his way to collecting 32,705. Goliath proved it wasn't a flash in the pan when 1,954 players turned out for the 2012 edition. Les Fenton came out on top that day, turning his 120 into 35,800.

Vamshi Vandanapu triumphed in the 2016 Goliath, the first time over 5,000 people bought in. Vandanapu would have claimed the largest-ever Goliath top prize, but he was part of a three-way deal, meaning he "only" took home 62,750 for his 120 investment!

The first six-figure Goliath payment came in the 2018 edition when Florian Duta overcame 7,583 opponents. Duta had enjoyed a remarkable 2018, and his Goliath victory was the icing on the cake.

Although the 2019 Goliath processed an incredible 9,300 buy-ins, Lee Reynolds walked away with 64,601, the fourth-largest top prize at the time. Like in Vanadanapu's case Reynolds was part of a five-way deal, where nobody took home less than 60,887, and where third-place finisher Cristian Tamas netted 80,548.

Once the Goliath returned to its live roots following the COVID-19 pandemic, things got a little crazy. In 2022, Kyle Jeffrey scooped a massive 200,000 for his 150 buy-in after battling through 10,583 opponents. There was no deal in this event, yet runner-up Luke Cheslin banked 134,000 for his efforts.

Last year, Alex Todd found himself as the last man standing from the 11,493-strong crowd, and padded his bankroll with 178,860 despite being involved in a six-handed deal, showing how gargantuan the Goliath has become.

YearBuy-inEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
20111201,765176,500Lee Rawson32,705
20121201,954200,000Les Fenton35,800
20131202,570257,000Jake Skidmore29,690
20141203,394339,400Ryan Foster62,320
20151204,210421,000Miikka Toikka70,800
20161205,232523,200Vamshi Vandanapu62,750
20171206,385638,500Elliot Marais85,760
20181257,584758,400Florian Duta101,450
20191259,300911,410Lee Reynolds64,601
2020 online1252,013231,495"WRDortmund7"42,248
2021 online1102,722272,200"Whityestar"54,460
202215010,5841,270,080Kyle Jeffrey200,000
202315011,4931,324,000Alex Todd176,800

Full 2024 Goliath Schedule

Although the 200 Goliath Main Event is the tournament that everyone has their eye on, the 2024 Goliath schedule is packed full of other events.

A 1,250 GUKPT Main Event kicks things off on July 25, with other exciting tournaments including a 1,500 High Roller, 115 Ladies event, 150 Seniors, a 440 Mystery Bounty, and a 550 Goliath Cup.

Live satellites are available during the Goliath festival and online at Grosvenor Poker.

DateTimeEventBuy-in (inc. fee)
Thu 25 Jul12:00 p.m.GUKPT Main Event Day 1A1,250
7:00 p.m.Main Event cashout satellite140
Fri 26 Jul12:00 p.m.GUKPT Main Event Day 1B1,250
2:00 p.m.Main Event cashout satellite140
6:00 p.m.Ladies Event Day 1115
7:00 p.m.RedTooth Hyper Turbo100
9:00 p.m.Main Event Day 1C Turbo1,250
Sat 27 Jul11:00 a.m.RedTooth Bounty120
12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight A200
1:00 p.m.GUKPT Main Event Day 21,250
2:15 p.m.Ladies Event Day 2
4:00 p.m.High Roller cashout satellite turbo165
7:00 p.m.RedTooth Malta 52 Tag Team200
Sun 28 Jul11:00 a.m.RedTooth open100
12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight B200
2:15 p.m.GUKPT Main Event Day 3
4:00 p.m.High Roller Day 11,500
7:00 p.m.RedTooth Big One 25K GTD Day 1125
7:00 p.m.Mystery Bounty Day 1A440
Mon 29 Jul12:00 p.m.RedTooth Big One 25K Gtd Day 2
12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight C200
2:15 p.m.High Roller Day 21,500
7:00 p.m.Mystery Bounty Day 1B440
Tue 30 Jul12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight D200
5:00 p.m.Pot-Limit Omaha (4-card only)200
7:00 p.m.Mystery Bounty Day 1C440
Wed 31 Jul12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight E200
2:00 p.m.Mystery Bounty Day 2
6:30 p.m.Joker's Wilde Does Carer's Trust100
Thu 1 Aug12:00 p.m.Goliath Flight F200
12:30 p.m.Mystery Bounty Day 3
5:00 p.m.Deep and Steep250
Fri 2 Aug11:00 a.m.Goliath Flight G200
6:00 p.m.Goliath Flight H Turbo200
Sat 3 Aug11:00 a.m.Goliath Day 2
2:30 p.m.Goliath Cup Day 1550
3:00 p.m.RedTooth Malta 52 Open125
6:00 p.m.The Giant225
Sun 4 Aug11:00 a.m.Goliath Day 3
11:00 a.m.Seniors150
12:00 p.m.RedTooth RPT Invite Only
12:00 p.m.Goliath Cup Day 2550
1:00 p.m.Turbo150
3:00 p.m.RedTooth All In or Fold Double Chance75
Mon 5 Aug25,000 GTD Online Closer Day 1110
Tue 6 Aug25,000 GTD Online Closer Day 2

The Goliath Main Event's lure is so strong that the later flights result in the venue being packed to the rafters and, often, an alternate list governing matters. You can beat the queues by registering and buying into the Goliath online at Grosvenor Poker or at any Grosvenor Casino across the United Kingdom.


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